Posting at 4am


And….. The insomnia has kicked in again! Achey arm, scringing toes, too warm, aching back. Thoughts whirl and I can’t rest. Thought of putting the radio on for quiet or white noise, but I can never retune the thing and if I have it on low my instinct is to struggle to hear the news. Plus my sleep aponea mask sometimes hisses in my face. I’ve had a new mask but the hose connecting it to the machine is the wrong size and sometimes disconnects if I turn over in bed. Sorry to moan…


I went into a shop tonight, but I’d forgotten to take a mask with me. I felt naked as I walked around. Every cough or sneeze made me jump! The trouble is for the last few nights I’ve been at rehersals and I’ve trusted everyone is covid free. Now I’ve started with a bit of a cough and a sore throat. I will do a covid test in the morning and check. I have to say I’m quite worried. I hope it’s just a sniffle. I’ve had all my jabs, so I hope if it is I will be OK.

Why can’t I sleep?

Cats can snooze anywhere. I can hear this one snoring next to me. But I just lie awake. A million thoughts tangle in my head, health issues, pain in my feet and shoulder, snoring from hubby, then there was hunger, thirst. Went and had a slice of toast and a decaff coffee. I did finish a couple of paintings. When I went back to bed I did what I sometimes do and put the radio on to murmur me to sleep, but last night it was too interesting. Even the shipping forecast ‘Dover, Wight, Portland, Plymouth, North backing North West, 25 miles, good, occasional rain and mist. Two to three.’ Something like that. Then there’s a news briefing, farming today, a prayer for today, tweet of the day (birdsong) then into the Today programme. Radio four. Somewhere around six thirty I fell asleep only to be woken at ten by my hubby who had slept for twelve hours! Argh!


I was just stopped in the street by a woman who said ‘you know there’s no one around?’ I looked about me and said ‘yes I can see that’. Then she said ‘so you don’t need a mask’ I looked at her. Why tell me this when I had just forgotten to take it off, but why did it matter to her? Then she said ‘it might make it difficult for you to breathe with carbon Dioxide building up behind it.’

Oh I really wanted to say something, like ‘oh dear, so many people collapsing after wearing a mask for more than five minutes!’ or ‘ they are permiable to air, they just stop viruses’. But I bit my lip under my mask and said ‘no I’m OK. I’m used to wearing a mask at night, I have sleep aponea’. ‘Oh that OK then’ she said. I said ‘goodnight’ and walked off. But then called back ‘I’m still cautious about covid’. Perhaps people belive it’s over? But it’s my choice to wear a mask.

Keep your mask on!

Our marvellous, incredible, smart government raised all restrictions on Covid 19 a couple of weeks ago. No masks, no social distancing, wonderful?! NOT!

Now Covid numbers that were going down are going up again. What do you mean? you say. Yes numbers are now between 1 in 13 and 1 in 30 depending on where you live in the UK.

Hospitals are taking in more patients although they are not all ending up in intensive care. Our government seems to think we ‘have to live with it’ more like ‘have to die with it’. I wish our government had a few brains instead of bean counters!

Don’t underestimate the common cold.

Atishoo! Atishoo! We all fall down?!

Three negative lateral flow tests, but my nose is blocked and I keep sneezing. I’ve started with a tickly cough… Feeling hot and cold and shivering.. You forget that there are other illnesses out there that can get you. A cold I think, not as bad as flu, but I feel rough. I want to curl up like a hedgehog and fall asleep for the rest of the winter.

Seriously though, I’m not sharing this with anyone. I’m going to carry on wearing a mask when I finally get out again. And make sure you get all your jabs, Covid and flu. Take care, stay well!

Wear a mask

Oh dear! I went round the supermarket today and about a third of the customers were not wearing masks. One woman in particular looked really ill, sneezing and coughing. She was struggling to get what she wanted. When we got to the till she was ahead of me, she looked flushed and hot. I stood well back even though that meant the person behind me was getting close. I tried to keep away from them too.

I won’t go back to that supermarket for a couple of days. I hope the woman is OK. I hope I don’t catch her illness. Meanwhile I’m keeping my mask on!