Pottery on the canal wip

I’m struggling with this imagined landscape. I want to get the reflections realistic and it’s just a bit too splodgy. The painting itself is about 5×4 inches approximately. I was trying to paint a vaguely historical scene, but that would need smoke belching out of the chimneys and a canal barge. Still I can do more work…

A few more

A couple of blue vases and a bright orange sandy beach with water wending it’s way down to the sea. My tee shirt is splodged with paint because I keep dropping the little canvases which is annoying me! I’ve also noticed I’ve got paint on my phone screen! Luckily it’s just a tiny drop. I’m also painting a red sailed boat in a sunset. Hope people might buy a few on Saturday. It’s never going to be lucrative. Maybe I should join some of them together as a collage? Anyway my painting block is broken. I hope to catch up on other projects now I’ve started…. Watch out for more updates (except my memory on WordPress media is getting full again, so some of my older posts might lose their photos).

Allium painting

My friend sent me a photo of some alliums and it reminded me of a firework. The tiny flowers look like stars. This is a bigger painting (4x4inches) and it comes with a little wooden frame which I might paint.

It’s a work in progress. I need to improve the details. It’s getting dark in the house so I will have to turn on the lights to continue. I also want to paint some more unusual images…


A photo of a lion at Saltaire by my friend Timothy Hargreaves.

I think I remember him telling me that the lions at Trafalgar square in London were made by the same sculptor. There are on the hill going down to the entrance of Salts Mill in Saltaire, Yorkshire, and they look extremely magnificent in the Spring sunshine. I wish we had sculptures like this nearby. It’s very impressive and I think Victorian?


What are you good at?

Paintings on display yesterday.

If I had to say what I was good at number one would be painting and art. Fourth years ago I went to college to do Fine Art, then I recently completed a course in illustration.

Art makes me happy. I love to paint acrylics on canvas and also watercolours. To me art is manipulating liquids or solids on a flat or shaped surfaces. I am good at using paint, pastels, ink, wax, pencils, felt pens. I also enjoy creating images digitally. I’m lucky to have good hand eye coordination. So I can copy most things, I’m also fairly good at creating abstract images. I am very lucky to have art training. There are lots of skills that I have been privileged to learn.

Whatever I do I will always create art. It is part of my DNA I think!