Does anyone remember this. It came with pins to hold the circles down that you drew around. You had to use thick card board to pin into otherwise as you used the small circles the paper would slip. Over the years I did hundreds of these patterns, I could almost draw them without the plastic circles and getting pens to fit in the little holes. I liked some patterns more than others. Maybe it explains my obsession with them now?


Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was animate. I tried to work out how a horse runs and if I could try and draw overlapping images of them. I know there are books you can get that show you how to do animations but I just did this quickly without any reference. I’ve always enjoyed trying to draw horses, I have a basic idea of how they look. X

Auroral display

I’ve always wanted to see the Aurora Borealis and last night and tonight might have been the chance. But two things are against it. I live too far south and its cloudy. The reason why it might have been visible is because there is a large area of sunspots that had come into view around the edge of the Sun. It has strong magnetic North and South currents which increases the chance and strength of Coronal Mass Ejections and Solar flares. These could be directed Earth-wards and spark Aurora in both the North (Aurora Borealis) and South (Aurora Australis).

I’d like to see the nothern lights one day. It’s on my bucket list. More information can be found at Spaceweather.com.


When I was a little child I used to look out of the window at the rain falling in our back yard. We had blue brick paving that became shiny as it got wet. As puddles began to fall the raindrops would splash up in circles. I decided that they were tiny fairies dancing in the rain.

When things happen in life you remember things that you haven’t for years. I’m glad to retrieve this memory.


Trying to draw rain on a dry day! This was for todays #bandofsketchers prompt ‘rain’, I drew Westport Lake and then added strokes of pen to indicate rain and dark clouds above. It was a black and white drawing but I decided to add watercolours to it when I got home. Beyond the front line of trees is the A500 and the main railway line. Above that the hill leading to Newcastle under Lyme.