St Giles, Newcastle-under-Lyme

St Giles Church Tower, the oldest part of the church.

Saxon Stone, discovered at an excavation site at Blackfriars Abbey. It preceded St Giles. The Abbey was on the site of the church apparently.

Part of the ancient stones from archaeological digs are laid out on the ground next to one side of the tower, round the back of the church.

Walking back towards Newcastle-under-Lyme Town center after our visit to the church (I didn’t take any photos inside as it was open for prayers for the death of Prince Philip).

Pump in the church yard. This was implicated in an outbreak of cholera. The bodies in the churchyard were very shallow lying, only nine inches deep in places, and and fluids carrying cholera leeched into the ground water.

Stone in a corner

In the corner by the porch of a church. I wondered why? The colours caught my eye as we walked past yesterday.

Perhaps it was a child leaving it to remember a lost pet? Or just a painted stone left to brighten a dark corner.

It made me think of ancient and modern. How long will the stone remain unblemished, unfaded. Is it varnished? The paint will flake as the cold invades it. Moisture then ice will affect it. But at least it will remain for a while….

Penkhull church

I did a quick sketch from a photo I took today. Wish it was drawn from real life but I was walking so I didn’t get the chance to sit and draw….St Thomas’s Church, Penkhull, Stoke-on-Trent. The Wassail starts out from the village hall which I’d just across the road to the right of the church. At the top of Trent Valley Road. #bandofsketchers today’s prompt was religious building..

Argh! Dress rehearsal


Tonight is the dress rehearsal for “one night only” which we are performing on Friday. It’s come round too quickly. I’m very nervous. It’s a long session, with climbing up and down on wooden blocks, standing in formation and ‘trying’ to sing in four part harmony.

The church needs a lot of work it was built on the church yard in the 1840’s. It was designed by Pugin and the floor tiles are by Minton. The collection will go towards the restoration. It won’t go far towards the cost but it’s worth doing.

I say argh because I am really tired. I was helping cut back our hedge earlier and my arms ache.

I also have a costume change. My top is drying outside on the washing line, I’m hoping it will be dry in time.



Penkhull sunset

The sunset reflected on penkhull Church. I’ve altered the exposure on these, increasing the red or changing the background clouds. The top two are closer to the original pictures, but not as bright as I saw. This is because your eyes accommodate to the light levels, letting more light in by opening your iris in your eye, making the pupil wider. The trouble was as I increased the brightness the sky just disappeared into white, so I tried changing the colours in the curves section of my photo editor.


Found this lumpy moss on the church wall. It was lovely, little blobs growing on the old stone, even though its close to a busy road. It’s at the top of the hill so the wind scours across the hill top. Sometimes the wind is so strond it could blow you off your feet..

Moss is an interesting plant, the reproduction is by spores I think, and it needs damp conditions to live in. I’m sure people know more about it than I do. Anyway I took a couple of photos as an idea if what it looked like.

I then did a duplicated picture of it because it made an interesting pattern. IMG_20190530_144539

Hope you enjoy.