Small canvas, about two inches by three. It’s meant to be a window with a rusty frame. Frosty window panes. I’m going to add branches and maybe a bird like a Jay. The texture has been done with a pallette knife. I don’t usually use these but I was given a set at Christmas. I’m waiting for it to dry so I can add more to it.

Tree view

When you stand under a tree remember to look up. You might be surprised to see the pattern the branches make and how the leaves don’t always overlap so they can absorb as much light as possible. Spreading out towards the light (phototropism) is where plants bent their stems to move towards the light. Look at the different shaped trees make, depending on the species. Some even have nicknames. Ash trees are supposed to have branches like witches fingers. This was one of my paintings from about twenty years ago.

Tree branches…

Just a little light digital editing gave me this network of patterns. The colours of a sunset sky held in a web of twigs. I think I could use it as a design for cushions or duvet or bed covers, even bags and tee shirts. Not anything I’ve actually done, but maybe I should find out. I’m finding out about file sizes, types and colours. I know if I don’t get the resolution right the images cannot be scaled up successfully. I mostly save my images as .jpeg’s but I recently found out I should save them as .tiff files. Also the resolution should be 300dpi where my computer saves to 72dpi normally. I’m learning as I go on.


Pattern made from four duplicated photos of autumn trees. When the leaves fall and disintegrate they get taken down into the soil by worms or are eaten by insects, or lie as a mulch on the soil surface helping keep it warm. Hedgehogs and other small mammals hide underneath them keeping warm and out of the cold wind.

I do wonder if the soil level would gradually build up as leaves fall year after year. Is this what biomass is? It’s funny what you think about trees….