I saw some catnip for sale today, I usually get the cats catnip toys, but this was a bag of shredded plant material.

Basically the cats loved it. They all rolled about and snuffed it. One of them started chewing my slipper…while I was wearing them. He even chewed at my trouser leg. He also started playing and chewing my straps on my sandals. He ended up rolling round on his back where he’d scattered the catnip on the carpet, he had got underneath the towel I’d put it on and spilt it on the floor.

Now? He’s sleeping like a baby like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth!

After the show

We performed A Christmas Carol play tonight. The cast was almost bigger than the audience, which was good, we didn’t feel intimidated. The scene where me and hubby played the Fezziwiggs was fun. We ad-libbed a bit and actually got a laugh. I guess that’s the advantage of knowing someone well, we could afford to take the mickey out of each other!

I stumbled over some of my lines and missed out one of them altogether! But one thing about doing plays is the cast are the only people who see the script. I realised that as long as you pass on the gist of the drama you can get through it. We got applause at the end, so we must have done OK!

Ragged Urchins

I have painted two urchin figures for out production of a Christmas Carol. They are meant to represent the boy and the girl clinging to the Christmas Present character. I’ve painted the on a brownish background to be pinned or taped to the brown trousers that my hubby will be wearing when he plays the part. I’m still trying to learn my lines, but he has a scroll to help him remember… In the book the boy is ignorance and has the word doom on his head, the girl is want.

Hello duck

Rehearsal day. We went to find out about a production of ‘A Christmas Carol’ and ended up getting the parts of Mr and Mrs Fezziwig. The rehersal was at a place called Mellards and I was impressed by this mural of a duck painted on the wall. I’m not sure about the stars/ gunshot holes? I hope no one would shoot at it! Anyway got to learn a few lines… Eek!

Mixed up

Mixed up. Abstract digital drawing. Drawn on top of another image. I like the fact that digitally you can keep adding and erasing parts of a drawing, covering areas with new effects. Changing the opacity of tools so you can see through to previous layers. You can also change the colours of your image to that you totally alter the mood of your artwork. This abstract could become a whirlwind or a rose? Who knows. I might do more to it.

Watching Wimbledon

I mustn’t watch. The players I support seem to lose when I watch them! If I listen its OK, but if I see the shots… Well it’s something that seems to happen. I have my favourite tennis players, but I’m not obsessed with the game. I wouldn’t go and watch it live.

Wimbledon is the epitome of summer in the UK. Strawberries and cream at exorbitant prices. At least one day of heavy rain which ‘stops play’, injury and tantrums. I still remember watching the McEnroe game where he shouted at the umpire ‘you cannot be serious’ when a shot of his was deemed to be ‘out’ (outside the playing area) and he had lost a point ( game/set/match)?

I saw Andy Murray win a few years ago, so I can’t really be jinxing them. But although I love the game I do have things to do!

PS, both the people I watched lost!

Old cartoon

I painted this little cartoon years ago. Don’t remember the date but probably 20 years? I think I’d splashed drips of watercolour onto the paper and the cat was a way of using the paper up and not wasting it. Photo taken late afternoon with a dim sidelight on. I could have waited till tomorrow but I wanted to share.

I have a friend that hates cats. I wish I could explain how I love them. Their character, their expressions, their true friendship when you get to know them. They seem aloof, but once you know them they are not…. And they don’t seem to hate rain. I’m often soaked when they come in from a rain shower, but I thought this looked funny. X