I’m the king of the castle..


My cats play and chase each other every few hours. It starts with the female cat lying down in front of the male cat, he starts to groom her and they start squabbling, she fends him off as he tries to nip her. They then start chasing each other, sneaking up and Pouncing at each other, racing round the room and up the stairs.

Lately it been a game of “I’m the king of the castle, get down you dirty rascal…” a game that children used to play where you would stand on top of a pile of dirt or maybe rocks and your friends would try and push you off and capture the high ground.

I’ve got a pile of clothes and laundry waiting to go upstairs, but the male cat has taken to sleeping on it. His sister objects and jumps up. A few times she has chased him away, only for him to come back and recapture it! I was going to take a photo of him, but he jumped down so I’ve drawn a cat on it. It does remind me of the game we used to play.




I love colour as you can see.

Colour is the best option for me.

Bright colours are very good.

Not just black and white could

grab my mind…

Without colour I am blind…

I love a spectrum of every hue.

Yellow, red, gold, bronze and blue.

Purple and orange fight to be seen,

Not to mention beautiful green.

So of I will go to paint again.

My palette with new colours, lain.


Last year


Or was it the year before? We went to see a play at Spode, another by Debbie McAndrew, probably Hot Lane. There was a car from the 1950’s as part of the set up. It was parked in the pathway between some of the buildings at the Spode Site. I took a picture of it and decided to make it look more authentic by turning it into a black and white photo.

I like monochrome pictures, they can be more atmospheric. I hope you like it.


The D Road.

The D Road is a play we went to see today about a woman affected by the D Road.


The D Road is a dual carriage way that runs through Stoke-on-Trent and joins with the M6 motorway North and south of the city making a D shape.

The play is written by Debbie McAndrew. The story unfolds as an elderly lady is frightened by a man hanging around her house. Her grandson catches him and demands to know what he is up to…. The answers change all their lives…

Very enjoyable. Put on inside the Meadows suite at Spode. It was quite cold as its an empty factory, so we were given blankets to keep warm. Very enjoyable.