I tripped over… Poem?


I saw this challenge on Facebook.

Type a phrase then chose the middle button of spell checker to continue. I thought it might make a poem? The phrase is… I tripped over….

I tripped over

I don’t know what to do

I don’t know if you have the same thing

But I can send you a link

I can add buttons to the list

You might end up with a cold

I have edited the last one first

Good to be a bit more practical

But all I want to get is the best

I have been working on the first week

And the last one they had with meĀ 

Food and water and all those days.

Well I’m not sure what I think of it, I think it’s quite emotionless. It’s only an algorithm though. My words. I did edit it slightly otherwise it would have said ‘sent from my Xperia’…




Oh books, you tomes of wisdom,

your cracked pages full of age,

paperback and hardback,

album and autobiography.

You change my mind, change my thoughts,

help me to learn, help me to see.

Books hold knowledge, and deceit.

Not all knowledge is truth,

Sometimes it’s misinformed,

or misinformation.

But I’d rather have a book than a computer……

Books are analogue.



Do you find yourself thinking of a word that just pops into your mind? I thought of a few today. Gestalt, Normality and Defunct all jumped into my head today.

Another day it could be crumble, grunge or fanciful, which is probably what this is.

I think I need sleep when I can dream of words chasing each other through the sky and over hills. Trundling into the sunset where they burst into brilliant petals.

Words are fun, they need using or abusing, but they definitely can make life interesting, exuberant and startling!




Slither, slink, shuffle, slip, slide, glide, gliding, snaking along the ground, writhing, side to side. Your scales patterned like strange jewels. You sniff with your tongue, viper split, sensing the air.

A tube of muscle, constrictor or viper with poison bite. Fangs deep in my flesh pierce my heart. Cobra or mamba, rattler or adder. Bringer of fear to some.



The world is full of words

Talk is cheap

Grey green gold gossip

Muddy, murky muttering

Sharp staccato shouting.

Pink pretty pouting purring,

Cracked cramped cackles.

Light lilting, laughing lullabies…

Singing or sonorous sound scapes

Violent verbosity

Quiet qualities of queen’s English.

Extravagant evangelising.

Whispered wailing.

Yes words are cheap and cheerful or cheerless.