Nice flowers

What is this? I think it might be London pride? (Saxifraga Urbium) according to Google. I had remembered the name London Pride from when I was a child, we had it in our garden, so looked it up and it seems to match up. I have some in the back yard on the wall and I think its meant to be an alpine plant, so it likes sunny conditions. I like the little five petaled star shaped flowers that have prominent stamens. I found the plant at a garden centre but the label was missing. Love the pale pink flowers against the dark green foliage.

Little bird drawing

Two versions, one digital drawings. When you have done something don’t be afraid to play with filters. It may or may not pay off, but you don’t know if you don’t try.

I need to get my paints out and do some real painting instead of doodling here. It’s OK, but a screen isn’t ideal for artwork. It gives me pleasure to do things, keeps my hand in, but it’s not much more than finger painting? Although looking at David Hockneys digital work it can be so much more. Just keep learning and practicing…

Boat house


There it sits, down by the lake. How old is it? Are there boats still moored inside? A life belt is still attached to the back wall as the wood gently greens and rots… .

I’ve never been down the steep steps to the shore, it’s green and slippery and there is no handrail. If I was young I would explore. The reeds and rushes are starting to grow up, and no doubt moorhens or coots will be nesting there soon. Chicks still waiting to be laid in their eggs. There are Canada geese about. Life is renewing.

Close up

Flowers today, I thought they might be forget-me-nots but I’m not sure. The camera on my phone seems to be quite good if I can avoid shaking too much, so they are quite detailed in this photo Perhaps they are a type of Cranesbill? I like the way there is a reddish purple flower developing in the background. I love the bright green of the foliage, so luscious and fresh.


I found this cold green stone in my bag today. I don’t know how many months it had been in there. Wrapped in green tissue paper, carefully sealed up with tape. I could feel its shape through the layers of paper but not how it felt. It could have been anything I suppose.

I’m a collector of stones, fossils, crystals, ‘dust gatheters’ I don’t know why I started or when it became a collection. Just nice, shiny, pieces of rock or stone, some polished like this, others hard and rough, fools gold, carborundum, but mainly quartz. I even made my own crystal using a supersaturated solilution and string. I don’t remember the chemical I used….

Tulip close up

Close up of a tulip

Exciting. Yes to me, this wrinkled flower is changing by the day. If the weather warms up it might open in the next couple of days. Green and pink? Will it change colour too? Concentrating on one flower, but it looks interesting to me. It reminds me of a stormy sea. Waves crashing against each other….. Ooo I’m so excited!

Face sketch

Artrage sketch

Used as many tools as I could on the Artrage app to sketch this. It could be a design for a stained glass window design. I tried to make it look mediaeval. I wanted it to look translucent. Using different textures. I tried to keep the colours to the blue, green and purple side of the spectrum. I like using lines for this image. Blue eyes.


Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt green. I did two versions of this, one a drawing, the other filtered through photodirector. I was going to draw vegetation but then I saw a bright green patch of verdigris on a two pence piece. The colour was amazing compared with the old dull coppers.

I had just done a post about coppering up. Finding loose change to spend, which is why I happened to look in the tub of coins so I used them as my inspiration.