More trees

IMG_20200120_193348_455IMG_20200120_193440_105IMG_20200120_193418_085I’m sitting here working with my digital drawings because my hip is still playing up so I’m missing choir practice. My hubby is just making a loaf and I’m going to bake some potatoes later so the house warms up.

Once you have done a drawing you don’t have to stick with that image, you can alter the hue, change positive to negative and find the edges of the image. Experiment is good. X

On the windowledge.


Got up and saw one of the cats sitting on the windowledge in the front bedroom. She likes watching the traffic passing and seeing the pigeons fly up onto the factory roof. The picture is grainy because it was very early in the morning, about the same time I took photos of the dawn. Cats are curious creatures. They love looking at things, playing with their toys and chasing each other. But sometimes they have a quiet moment and just sit and watch the world go by.

Squabble over a basket.


My cats do like play fighting, at the moment they are either squabbling over a basket or trying to be top cat on top of the settee. Seeing them running backwards and forwards is great, or hiding under the coats by the back door and pouncing from underneath them as the other one runs past. It can be very funny. But it is only play fighting. They make little purring noises as they chase. Its like they are talking to each other. Leaping over each other. Flying, skipping, jumping. Fun.

No decorations


I have an artificial tree, but haven’t decided whether to put it up or not. The reason why is my cats. They like climbing and exploring, so it has to go somewhere they won’t be able to pull it over. Our living room is cluttered because of me being ill, there are things to take upstairs but I’ve been too ill. Today I did a proper shop for the first time in over a week. I don’t have the energy to start tidying up let alone putting Christmas decorations up. Maybe next week.

Middle word poem


Sometimes I just try to write random poems using the middle word of the suggested words on my screen… It can be interesting, or just plain weird. Here goes…..

X and I will try and get it done for you,

tomorrow morning,

and the rest of the week

after the rest of the week,

after the rest of the….

I need to get my head round,

the back of the building,

and get the detail and shading correct

on the way to the airport

to get the computer set up.

So I can take over the role

of the rest of the team,

at the end of the week

after the rest of the week,

after the rest of the week……

I need to get my Xperia by Sony today

and tomorrow from 10 till 4.

Tomorrow morning,

and the rest of the week

after the rest of the week…..

I will try and get it done

for the Brampton tomorrow morning

and the rest of the week

after the rest of the week…..

(the rest of the week seems quite important in this one)



When you duplicate a photo you can get some interesting effects, like this duplicated photo of the moon through trees and looking out of a wet window. Somehow I see xrays of brains, or skulls, or pictures of alien twins, or strange little aliens with outstretched arms.

I remember looking at flock wallpaper and seeing animals, or looking at clouds and seeing dragons or elephants.

There is a name for this, but I don’t remember. I must have a very active visual mind.