Silly cat

She’s only little but she lives to run and play. Half an hour ago there was thundering paw noises from upstairs then a loud thud and she ran downstairs like she was being chased. I wondered what had happened. I think she was playing, but she had knocked a glass globe off the windowledge. Nothing was broken, but it had clanged off the radiator and thudded onto the floor. It has now been moved somewhere safer! She’s OK, just as cute as ever.


Set yourself a rule. Draw dots, draw round them, turn the paper over and draw round where the ink has bled through the paper. Turn the paper back and add more, back and forth. Decide whether you just want to add lines, or if as I have, change directions. Once you have drawn the lines fill in some of the lines with a different colour. Keep building up layers if you want. Playing with different ideas but using rules can create interesting patterns.