Orchid drawing

Orchid plant, black ink drawing over green sprayed and blown ink. Based on the idea of Shibui found art by my friend Pejj Nunes. The idea is you create a background from paint by using random methods and then add detailed images on top of the base idea. I’m not sure if this is the correct way of doing it but I like it. …

Trying to draw trees

Two seperate apps, Sketcher free and Autodesk. I don’t often draw with these, they have different tools and I’m not really up to speed with them. But you never learn if you don’t practice. Also if I don’t use my tablet it gets clogged up with updates….so here they are, a couple of practice pieces,

Memory from May

She still plays, she’s got a little fatter, I think it’s lockdown ‘spread’, I probably give the cats too many treats. When you are in a lot of the time and they ask for food, it’s easy to be lax about portion sizes. Plus the house is warm and so are the cats so they are not expending much energy. Still all three get on and seem happy. X