Old drawings 2005


I was mooching about my PC looking for old pictures that had been saved onto it before I had to have it fixed. Well after ages of searching I found the old drive they are on. It comes with a timeline, so I can find when they were posted. These are a few of my drawings from Youdraw in 2005. I also helped moderate the site. Apparently its been upgraded. When I’ve got my new drawing tablet I might draw some more.


Be the moon…

Turn yourself into the moon! With a toilet roll. My friends in Australia are doing this. Third one I added some dots for stars and sprayed black around the third on in a sketcher app.

Funny how you can create things so simply. I found the most difficult thing was to line it up, I took a few photos and on a lot of them I could see the blue paintwork in our bathroom. Plus it’s exposing my face to the world! Don’t laugh too much!

Dragon in my sketchbook?

The dragon flew into my sketchpad from my imagination tonight. I was watching a series called Merlin on TV and it just sort of happened. The purple ink pen went a bit splodgy.

The world is still in lockdown. People want to escape but its not safe. So playing with glitter glue, ink pen and felt pens is just taking my mind off it. Then edited it to a negative image to be a bit different. 



Playing with photos


Thanks to a friend I’ve just found another app to play with. It seems relatively easy to use. But as this is my first ever use of it I think I will try and get a bit more used to it before I review it or tell you what it’s called. I have a feeling I might seriously mess something up. Seems much more interactive than previous apps I have used, but that might not be a good thing.

Disco ball

I shone a bright torch on our disco ball (yes I’ve got one) took a photo, then another one with the torch on a lower power. Duplicated the photos, and ended up with a couple of interesting pictures that are quite abstract…..

Playing with shapes and light is fun.

Experimental things teach you

How to make new things.

If you don’t try,

You never learn….



Green and red can really zing. It depends on the brightness and hue of the colours, here I used the sketcher app on my tablet to create a simple image of a dancer. You don’t have to be exact or realistic to create art….. Just have fun. Something will make you happy or sad, will surprise you. Art us learning, sometimes every day or month. You do art and it can move you. It grabs you and wants you to make more. It is a buzz….