I forgot the arm!

How would these stay up?

I’ve made an ‘armless’ sketch of big glasses. I was just trying out some textures in my sketchbook app.

Do you know you can tell if someone is short or long sighted depending on whether their eyes look bigger (long sighted) or smaller (short sighted). That is dependent on the convex or concave nature of the lenses in their glasses.

If you are very short sighted your eyes will look smaller than if you are only mildly affected. It also depends on whether your spectacle lenses are made of glass or plastic.

If you ever watch a TV programme or film with an actor wearing glasses then look at the lenses. If the light catches them you can see if the glass is flat, then you know they don’t really need glasses!

Old digital sketch

Drawn with dots at a now defunct site called sketchfu. The site had a colour picker, about six round brush sizes. An opacity/transparency setting, zoom option and a pallette. Not many tools, but simple to use and it attracted a lot of traffic (thousands of users). In the end the owners abandoned it, they ghosted us moderators (I was one) I think they sold the site off.

Artrage face

Abstract face finger painted with the Artrage app on my phone. I like the way the different brushes and changing the roughness of the surface and grain size gives it a real textured surface. I added lines on the eyes and mouth rising a roller tool that left a line if you dabbed your finger on the surface of the phone. I also added spirals on the edges of the picture, I was trying to make it look like material. If you turn the pen up to 100% metallic the colours get darker.

Got new Glitter pens

Experimenting with new felt pens

Doodling on cartridge paper which was a nice surface to draw on. I’m using a different sketchbook and got some new glittery felt pens. Unfortunately the sparkle is not very strong. I then added black liner pen and some gold pen. I almost added a face to this, but left it as finished. However if I can add it digitally as a background I might have a go at drawing over it in a digital app……

Statue scribble

A few days ago there was a news story about a museum that gave children crayons and paper when they visited. Unfortunately one of the children used a blue crayon to scribble all over an old sculpture. I was drawing a female head and shoulders and it suddenly struck me that it looked a bit like the statue. I added lines, and it seemed even more like the scribbled statue. Strange what your mind takes you.