Positive and negative

Sundays #bandofsketchers prompt.
Finally did a positive/negative self portrait after trying to think what I could do. I used the edge of a page cut off and added to the centre of this to make an interesting division.
Sometimes the challenges are really hard to do. I was going to draw a battery! Not exactly interesting. The negative side of the photo really lacked detail even when I tried changing the exposure.

Sketching a choir

Take a dried up, broad nib, calligraphy felt pen. Start drawing, watch as the view changes because the line up of images moves when you have the songsheet with the words displayed. Try and sing and draw at the same time! It’s hard to look down at your sketchbook, up at the words, and across to your fellow choir members. I challenged them to try and recognise themselves from these crude sketches.


Clouds and rooves by the sea.

Quick sketches can be useful to remind you of a view. You can think about weather and how rain falls from the clouds over the sea. The jumble of buildings with slanting rooves, hunkered down for an impending storm.

Sketching fast gives you the chance to record something that may be fast moving, capture motion, in fleeting minutes the whole thing has changed!

Behind.. Today’s prompt

Black and white and coloured versions. Looking in a little make up mirror at a big painting that I did years ago that is on the wall behind me. Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was ‘behind’. Quite difficult to draw a tiny reflection of a large painting on the wall behind me. A bit cartoon I’m afraid.

Old sketch

17 April 2020 was a day I drew a days diary. The final day of drawing with Stoke-on-Trent urban sketchers. I went on to draw more afterwards. We didn’t know at that time that the virus was just going to keep going. We thought it would soon be over. We thought maybe we could conquer it! There was some optimism still out there. Now things don’t look so good. But you just have to keep going. I haven’t felt much like painting, but I haven’t stopped drawing yet!

Did I ever share my Boris Johnson cartoon here?

Hear no Art, See no Art, Speak no Art.

Cartoon created as part of a project on my college course. My copyright.

It was something I drew in July 2020 I think but it seems more valid now since the Arts are in such a perilous position and the question as to if something is a viable job seems to be a kick in the teeth to the creative industries.

This is Boris Johnson as a boy, based on an image of him as a teenager. I have then surrounded his face with hands and arms, which prevent him (apparently) from seeing, hearing or speaking about the plight of the arts in school, but also in wider society. Very clearly he can see what is happening but seeks to avoid giving the situation his full attention….. The fact that his own government, since 2010, have made cuts in spending totalling billions does not seem to matter to him. He talks about levelling up as if the damage done to society has nothing to do with him. As another yellow haired person on the other side of the ocean presides over crazy policies. I think it is the era of yellow maned fools!

Usk challenge, shadows


I’ve put 13.7.20, but it was actually 13.8.20, thirteenth of August. The prompt today was shadows, this is the view of the plants and buildings in the background from our side window. There may not be many more prompts because we have to come up with them ourselves, I wonder what we could come up with…..

I decided afterwards to add some dark watercolour to it, but then decided to add a few colours too. 


I also changed the date on it. Its still shaded. I think it looks quite nice.