Dog drawing

Sketch I did of a friends dog. He’s a cross between a Husky and a Spaniel. He looks like a giant Corgi, because his legs are a little short in relationship to his body and he has a curly tail. He’s a real personality and is called Rassie or Rasputin. He’s very handsome and dark grey and white. I drew the outline when we met him on the back of an envelope then redid it and added shading at home.


When you use filters it can create some quirky effects. It’s hard to tell which shape is a chair back or my coat (it was my coat on the back of a chair). Also it’s difficult to know how much shading to use. Will the result be delineated so you can tell where the models arm is? Should I have done less hatching? I think I used the negative space quite well. It’s always worth exploring ideas.


Doodle, art, thinking.

Yes those are some of the tags I’m using for this. Then sadness, black and white, lines, drawing.

I had some sad news today, a reason behind what happened to someone. A shape to the hurt. Knowing is not a resolution, and it’s just made me sadder. So I will keep making art and trying to distract myself. That’s all I can do.

Life drawing

Today, after a very bad night’s sleep, I got up and decided to go to the Orme Art Group today. We had booked a life model to sit for us and I didn’t want to miss it. I had bought new ink pens and black sharpie pens to use in my sketchbook. This drawing took a couple of hours, I wanted to capture the patterns on her skirt and scarf and the autumn leaves outside the window. I think this went well and I’m pleased with it. Going out and talking to the friends in the group really helped.


The cats stare at me, what do I mean to them? What do they want? Unblinking, looking silently. The sight is unnerving. And so many cats, all together. Like a jury sitting at a trial. No tails twitch, no ears turn. The concentrated look is infinitely worrying. Like some form of hive mind…. Do cats do that? I thought you couldn’t herd cats, but these ones? They know what they want, and I feel like a mouse in their glaring cats eyes….. Inscrutable…