Sketching places

My sketches are really quick. I try and get information down as swiftly as I can. Just so I can get an idea of the place without overworking an image. I’m suggesting taking a small sketchbook with you to note the environment around you. A bit like a diary (or a very slow photo). The worlg is an interesting place, but we don’t always look. And taking photos is OK if you go back and look at them. But how many are just forgotten?


Pattern for a cushion cover?

I keep thinking I should use some of the patterns I draw and paint to create prints on fabric, I’ve certainly done enough over the years. I even have a pair of trousers with a similar pattern on them. I don’t know if I should try one of the online sites to do this, but I don’t know if they would print them well enough. I once bought a dress and a cardigan with a Gustav Klimpt painting and a Van Gogh painting on them, both were really blurred when I got them. I only wore them once, (not thrown away though). I was really disappointed.

At the exhibition

Sketch of the exhibition yesterday. The artworks were exhibited on large white boards. The are peg boards with rows of horizontal and vertical holes. To hang a painting you push two metal hooks into lots of two holes to make a place to hang your pictures up with string. It’s hard to describe but it worked. There were about eight or nine artists exhibiting. I did this in a five minute break between groups of people coming in.


Multiple bird images drawn ib black ink fine line pen. I tried to fit the shapes together. Clearly I can’t compete with Escher and his wonderful tessellations, but it was fun to try and think about how the shapes fit together. I looked at patterns as well as shapes, so each bird is an individual. They all seem to swirl round each other.

Normal life?

Normal life? Hubby watching the TV, we have a small LED light that saves money, the heating is on timed to save money so he’s wearing his body warmer. Curtains are closed to keep warmth in. We are not in trouble but we are being cautious. We haven’t lit the gas fire fir two years but have a small portable oil heater instead. Todays #bandofsketchers prompt was normal life.


Sitting waiting for my hubby while he was at an appointment. All the angles and layers made it an interesting view to draw. I got bored with looking at my phone and listening to ‘easy listening’ radio. I added colour when I got home. I also tried to draw a garden chair that was in the courtyard and looked a bit chunky.