A self portrait I did aged forty but filtered to obscure it. It’s twenty years old and I can’t remember why I did it. I think I was experimenting with photoshop at the time. It’s me wearing a reuse, recycle, repair tee shirt (which I still have somewhere). My hair was in a short bob and I painted the book covers on the bookcase with the titles of all my favourite books. Maybe I will use a different filter and see how that affects the painting. I seem to do a self portrait every ten years, so a while to go till the next one. X

Self portraits

Self portraits in 1978

Our college exhibition in 1978, a few of us got in the local paper. One image was painted in quink ink on paper and the other one was larger on a canvas. I don’t remember what happened to them. I may have left them at the school of art. Even now I still remember the fun I had painting them. I wish I could go back in time to those days again. I don’t know if they still sell quink ink. When you added water to the black colour it would split into browns and blues. Great for painting cloudy skies


Don’t look at me like that?

Taking a photo and playing with it. I discovered one side of my face looks older and more dour than the other one. My face frowns and my mouth turns down, there’s more lines. I might have to get a haircut too, but it doesn’t really matter. I think observing yourself is part of being an artist, self portraits tell a story. Distorting them can ask a question.

Some images can be more distorted than others! Making the image black and white helps me concentrate on the features.


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Scary idea… Self portrait drawing taken from a digitally manipulated photo… Looks like I’m being attacked by a spaghetti monster 👾! Todays #bandofsketchers prompt.

These prompts every couple of days does stretch your imagination. I did take a photo of me pulling an angry, snarling, face, but I didn’t like it, so I went with this instead.

self portrait (ish)

forty year old me.

When I got to forty I did a self portrait in acrylics on canvas, then a few years later I decided to learn some filters in Photoshop. One was to turn patches of the image you had created into tiles. This was one of my attempts at creating something a little more abstract, although the colours still represent the painting and there is still some definition which gives an idea of the original piece.

I’m not sure how copyright works on these? Presumably the images in the filters are non copyright. If they were not, I don’t know precisely how many photographers I would have to credit. This is where the strangeness of digital comes in. There is so much content out there that is free for use, but artists and photographers who want to keep control of theit art and designs can easily find their work being copied when they use digital platforms. You only have to go to an internet search, look up their name and choose ‘image’ and you will see a host of original work.

Nowadays ‘non fungible tokens’ (a strange word) have become popular. An artists digital work can be bought by a single individual or group. They hold the ownership of it, as if it were a single canvas. The artist as far as I understand still keeps the copyright, and can use the image over and over but the ‘owner’ owns it? It has been difficult to get my head round this concept. It might be something I could do in the future, but like with Crypto-currency, it sounds like there is a digital payment that the artist receives, perhaps the equivalent of being paid in coloured beads instead of real currency?

We live and learn. Sometimes confusion and obfuscation reigns.