Got to paint,


This was me in 2007. I might be helping to paint a mural again soon, but I also need to paint a picture of what Spode means to me. I’m not sure what to paint as I never worked in the factory and only know it as it is, I was blogging about that a couple of days ago. Well today I went out and got a largish canvas about two feet by two and a half feet. I’m thinking of finding some old cracked paint or dusty glass, maybe a reflection. I will go and take photos tomorrow. I want to add some metallic glints to whatever I do. I need to make plans…..



These are two small canvases that I worked on yesterday. I used a modelling medium on them to build up textures  One had leaf shapes built up on it, and the other a spiral of shallow spikes.

I also bought some brusho. I’d never used it before. It’s a dust or fine crystals that you can either sprinkle on a wet or damp surface or sprinkle on dry and then add water. The colours change when you add water. For instance lemon yellow looks orange in the pot. You also only need to use tiny amounts. I ended up with a paper plate under the canvases to catch the drops. I tried to get the colours to surround the raised sections then used some acrylic colours to delineate the edges of the shapes.

I’ve left them with Etruria Artists at the warehouse to dry out.

How to paint Snake and Ladder

What a random painting!

It started out as a series of splodges. I was not sure what it would turn into. I am interested in Celtic knotwork and also Saxon metalwork. The Staffordshire hoard of Saxon gold was found nearby a couple of years ago and there are many animals and monsters found in that kind of art and craft work.

Suddenly the idea of a snake popped into my mind so I added scales and a head to the pattern, but why would it be there, what was the reason behind it. I remember being intrigued by Snakes and Ladders when I was little. I always landed on a snake and slither down to the foot of the board .

I decided to add the ladder, but the background was too dark. I was modelling the 3 dimensions of the snake with dark and light paint but the snake was merging into the background. What to do!? I tried a green, but felt that was not the right colour. …why not a bold red? I had got a bottle of glittery deep red and I tried that. Bingo I’m pleased with the result.

That’s how you paint a Snake and Ladder. ….

So close…and now it’s finished!

After hours of work my willow pattern painting is finished.

I have finished working on it after having to have a rest .IMG_20180129_191216_656

I needed to add details in the reflection at the bottom of the painting , plus shading and highlights on the platter and behind it so it stands out more.

This is the third painting of ceramics I have done in this series.

this jug was the second acrylic on canvas I did.

and this is part way through the teapot painting, which was the first one I did. ..

Im not sure how many more I will paint.

A quick update

It’s been a couple of days and I’m getting on quite well with this painting of a willow pattern platter. I’m now working on the border and will then try and get more depth and shading into the background .

I’m hoping the paler, cooler colours help the cobalt blues of the plate stand out. This Is the third painting in a collection of ceramics. There may be more to follow.

This took a while

I have just finished this painting of Jessie Shirley’s Bone and Flint Mill.

The building is at Etruria in Stoke on Trent and has the last remaining steam engine which was used to grind bone and flint to use in bone china pottery. Its an impressive building and is quite complicated to paint. The mortar and bricks were  particularly difficult.

The steam engine is going to be working later in the year.

Its a small wide canvas to give a panoramic view. Acrylic paints help speed the drying and allowed me to paint clear details with fine brushes, I hope people like the result.20180122_020733