Little giraffes

_20190822_022803they still need a bit more work. I was painting till 4am. There are things wrong with them, I think the heads are too small slightly, but when you are painting on a matchbox sized canvas it’s hard to get things quite right. A couple of tiny brush strokes and it’s wrong and you have to start again. I left these early this morning as I wanted to see them in daylight. One thing I did notice is the moon on the blue one. I’ve got it curved the wrong way. The light is from the left so the curve needs to be in that direction. I’m also thinking of adding a few specks of white to another one to indicate stars. The one with the yellow sun might have some vegetation added.

Even though they are tiny I treat them like full size paintings. I doubt if it’s cost effective but it’s fun!

Tiny paintings

I’m playing with paintings again. The idea is to do tiny paintings that people might like but won’t cost much to have. They are about the size of a small matchbox. I’m trying to do new designs. There are giraffes and butterflies, an owl and a skull. Hearts, a panda and I’m trying to paint a little sailing boat.

Well I’d better get on as they need finishing by the morning.

Run out of red

I want a light red

Not a pink

Not orange



Maybe vermilion,

Something punchy,

Not magenta,

Not alizarian

Not a deep cadmium red (hue)

So many names

But which one will be right,

What is the correct tinge?

Works in progress

Paint laid on paint,

Building up layers,

Blood red?

Maybe if I put my heart into it.


Tiny paintings

I’m going to do some more tiny paintings soon, once I finally finish the painting of Jupiter that I’m doing for an Exhibition of Blue that is on at Spode artists studios exhibition space from 2nd February.

I like doing really small paintings, it’s a challenge to get enough details.

At the moment I’m having a few problems with WordPress. My fault. I tried to change something and I’ve ended up not being able to use the main pages but am trying to publish this locally…. I’ve even managed to add categories and tags…

We live and learn….

Making Stuff

Im doing lots of things to take to two craft fairs at the weekend. Looking for inspiration and the right things to paint on. The tiniest are paintings of baubles. I have ribbon to add to them so you could even add them to a tree. I saw a robin in a photo and he was sooooo fluffy I had to paint him…finally Im trying to paint directly onto the little chalk boards so the abbey will need more work.