Dance, abstract design

Green and red complementary coloured abstract. Drawn digitally in a sketching app then manipulated in photodirector. The plate is a background you can place your design into in photodirector. The final image is a close up of the “dancers”. Maybe this idea is something I can pursue. The idea was inspired by a programme about Henri Mattise on Sky Arts.


Is the cost of living crisis affecting whether you buy or collect art?

As a small time seller of art I’m interested in how the rises in inflation and reduction in pay rises is affecting the Art economy. I’m sure decisions are being made that people either put off buying, or don’t buy art at all.

Art is everywhere, in designs of clothes, furniture, architecture, advertising, maps, car design, and even the Art in people’s walls. The Art economy is worth Billions to the economy as a whole, but I think it is under recognised. We like to be surrounded by visual and auditory stimulation, but do people even notice it’s there. Do you notice a painting on a restaurant wall? Or classical music played in a supermarket. I wonder how things will work out?

Variations, ‘flower power’

I started exploring the symmetry tool on one of my new drawing apps. I had just watched a programme about Saxon art and illumination illustrated in bibles and books, and also the style you sometimes see in stained glass windows. It’s interesting how different filters change the way they look. I feel like the face ended up looking like the Hollywood film star Bette Davis for some reason….

Abstract horse sketch

Playing with my sketching app again. This time I found my drawing stylus so I had more control over the lines in it. Although you can see by my writing that it’s not much more under control!

The pens in the app are very varied, here I used a solid flowing line, a texture and a watercolour effect. This could represent a chess piece, the knight. I like the way it’s turned out.

Heads up

I’m imagining the back of a playing card with a pattern on it like this? Two profiles facing each other, one turned upside down. It’s based on the idea of the two heads on the King, Queen and Jack cards. Are they designed to read from both top and bottom to make it easier for all players to read them?

I am not a graphic designer so I am not sure what criteria I would need to actually make these, but I’m having fun as I experiment again.. Hope you enjoy my scribbles x


I’m playing with oil colours in Artrage. I wanted to create a geological, rocky sort of image, like a slab of slate. Then I decided to split it into a collage, like five pieces of cake. It was interesting to create an abstract pattern, and I love the blues and reds as they smudged together. If I had oil paints I would try and recreate this as a real painting. I don’t know how I would do it though.


Finger painted in the new app and then collaged. Is anyone getting bored by these digital drawings? I am not going to keep posting these. I will try and do something else unless I can create something a bit better. There are lots of pens and tools on this app and it is interesting, but it’s going to take a while to get used to it….