Blurred photo textured

Sometimes even blurred photos work. I used photodirector to add texture to this. Why? Because although it was blurred the colours were really interesting. The contrast of dark reds and greens and pale green and pink seemed to work really well. You can still tell what it is but in an abstract way. In a way its sketching with photography. I think it’s still art.

Blue and white

Blue and white digital drawing using the sketch app on my phone that has a kaleidoscope effect, then with added texture using photo director. Reminds me of a ceramic bowl with a repeat surface pattern using transfer printing. The pattern also looks like dancers or iceskaters. It would also look good on fabrics, like a silk scarf.

Sky texture

Imagine the sky actually looking like this. What could cause it? A giant bubble of soap with the liquid moving around on the surface like bubbles do. Or strange cloud formations made of gossamer from giant spiders? Maybe it’s just dust and dirt and grease smeared on a camera lens. Imagination is fun. Exploring ideas of how things work is fun too.


Lines added to the sketch of my friend using a sketching app on my phone. Then I used a flood fill to colour the background and used the photodirector app to add texture. The drawing is still visible underneath the digital doodling. It’s interesting to play with images. It might not be very artistic but I enjoyed working on it.

I’m still here

You may not see as many blogs, but I’m still here, lurking! I’ve got a college project that I need to finish and other work to get done. Other things are also going on so life is a little stressful at the moment. I just had to get work done on my car too. Its a good car, but spare parts are hard to come by now because it’s so old. They just don’t make some of the parts anymore. But I will watch your posts and see what is happening. I’m still here!