I saw a penguin

Playing with a photo of a patch of sunlight. As I put it through a filter I saw the shape of a penguin appear! It appears to be albino and looks like it’s wearing a scarf to keep warm. I can’t see feet or flippers… I do like pareidolia (seeing faces or shapes or animals in shapes). Using the filters creates an interesting texture and gives it a shimmering look, a bit like melting ice? Another random post from my strange mind.

6 years ago

I haven’t done anything like this for a while, this was six years ago. I drew this in a free app called ArtRage oils and I really like the graphic feel to it. Varying the pen sizes and textures seemed to work well with dark shades and metallic tints. I must try and do something new. I like trying to create exotic birds.

Watching Sci-fi

I’m watching one of the Star wars movies so I thought I’d create a digital image that reflects the power of the film sets. Full of massive architectural shapes and dark power. This though is a plastic star we have hanging in the living room. I’ve duplicated and twisted it, then added texture and overlays of a lightning storm. Figuring out how to produce an interesting image takes my mind off things.

Horse painting

As I listened to the continuing news of the Queen’s death I decided to recreate a digital drawing a couple of days ago as a painting. It’s not exactly the same, but yet again I’m focusing on pattern and trying out the experimental style that I have been using recently. See what you think?