Cat size comparison

One big cat, one medium. Our other cat is the smallest. It’s like having a labrador, a collie and a chihuahua (although the variation is not that great). I keep wondering if the big cat will get stuck in the cat flap. Medium cat is in proportion, but I’ve noticed the small one has slightly shorter legs, it’s not obvious but it looks less graceful somehow. Gladly all of them have proper cat shaped heads, not flattened and squashed in. I really think cats with extra short legs and pushed in faces don’t look ‘right’, it’s almost like they are being bred to look more like kittens, but it doesn’t seem normal. Breeding any animal to the extent that they are malformed is wrong. I think ordinary moggies are best. Some breeds do attract me, like Maine Coon cats, but I wouldn’t want one.


A combination of objects and their reflections inside and seating and buildings outside. This was three years ago when the place we were visiting was called the Potbank cafe. Now its owned by someone else and called the Quarter. Its based at Eleanora Street on the Spode pottery site in Stoke, Stoke-on-Trent.

Some of the buildings on the Spode site are due to be demolished and apartments are to possibly be built there instead. If it happens it will be sad to see our industrial heritage destroyed in order to build as many ‘units’ as the developers can cram on the site. The view out of this doorway may change, quickly or slowly, no necessarily for the better.

Knocking on?

Man knocking on the front door of an old, derelict house out in the countryside. Knocking is also a phrase in England that means getting older hence “the old man who was ‘knocking on’ in age, knocked on the door of the derelict house”. Perhaps knocking means that the person is either becoming elderly, or even approaching death. There are so many strange phrases in the English language. ‘Knocking on’ can be changed to ‘getting on’ or even ‘clocking on’ which can also mean getting your clock card punched by a machine at the start of a factory shift. The more you learn the more there is to find out!

Waxing moon through firework smoke

The moon is three quarters full and was setting behind a tree as midnight struck to end 2022. I tried to take a few photos but my automatic filter makes the moon too bright and is very overexposed. You cannot see its shape. So I tried using manual settings, with that I could get a little bit more definition, but it’s far too grainy. However you can see its not full. There was a mist or firework smoke drifting across the sky. More fireworks had gone off in a few minutes than we saw over the whole of November 5th. The cats were very scared. But it’s calmed down now.

Happy New year to you all.

Glass paperweights

An alien ocean trapped in glass, blue light floods through. My glass paperweight collection sits out of the sun on a window ledge upstairs. As they are spherical thru could act as lenses and magnify the sun’s rays. So I’m careful, I don’t want a fire! I was trying to get a picture of a red glow, but the sunrise was unspectacular this morning. Still I think this turned out nicely.


My mind flits

From one thought to another

Over the same land

At different stages of coherence.

Dreams of silky seas

That were not mine

Or high mountain peaks

All is enfolded within.

Pictures taken by others

Hidden folds and valleys

Corrugations of brain.

Dream travel can be overwhelming

Or limited to a single room

Hidden meaning or memory.

Then the cotton thread snaps

And you wake,

To grey darkness

Stuck back in reality

Only a thin film away

But so far

From dream country.