Random inflated lobster seen three years ago at Shipley in North Yorkshire. It was a giant of the species. I think there was a food festival on? But as Shipley is well inland I don’t think it was from a fishing fleet!

I love the two wheel cart it sits on, presumably to move it around? Would it have been in a parade of giant shellfish? I don’t know… Crabs moving sideways, Oysters opening and closing, massive pearls shining in the sun.

Bright red, ike a post box. It must represent a cooked lobster… Poor thing…

Wet wall

A wall of a farmhouse. The bricks are sodden. There is algae and moss growing on them. The mortar is crumbling.

The farmhouse might be restored. The farm buildings have been sold. Some new houses are to be built but the building is listed I think. This could be the chance for it to live again. Get those bricks dried out. Bring new life back into the village? I hope so.

Model boat

When you go to look at model train shows you don’t often see boats or ships. I suppose this might be collecting or delivering freight from the train running alongside the quay.

We went to Weymouth several years ago and saw the metal train tracks embedded in the harbour quay. I guess they would have used it for loading fish and shellfish to take to cities like London. I think there are similar lines in Plymouth. I know they had large passenger ships calling in at Plymouth in the past and they still have a ferry service as does Weymouth. Transport is a fascinating subject.

Purring cat

While I miss one of my cats, I still have to look after the other two. They want attention. Jumping up to see us. But neither are as ‘touchy feely’ as the missing one. A little cuddle and they are off. To get food and drink. To mooch about on the stairs or outside. My heart strings are being pulled left and right.

I miss my old boy cat….

Sun pillar?

I don’t know if you can see on this photo, but there is a slight line of light in the centre of this picture. It’s not bright, but I think it was a ‘sun pillar’. I’ve seen a good one several years ago down in Devon. It’s something to do with sunlight shining up and hitting the clouds. Anyway this was on our walk around the Croft this evening. Stoke-on-Trent about 8.30pm.

Yellow cat!

Yowl! I have a metal cat hanging in the garden, I was going to put a small plant in his mouth but I forgot. Yellow and scared? Frightened? Amazed? He’s certainly got an expressive face. I don’t know how long he will last though, he’s going a little rusty inside. Maybe he’s meant to hold a candle or tea light.h

Was a birthday present and I’ve had him about five years so he’s lasted well. I think the photo came our clearly.