Finished drawing?

I think this is done. I hope they like it. I’ve tried to get the tones right but it’s hard to get it right. I think I’ve got the features close to how they look on the photo.. I decided not to draw the whole figure as the little boys head would have to be a lot smaller and I’ve tried to simplify the background. Anyway it’s going to it’s new home soon. X

Working on a drawing

Portrait of a friends nephew. I’ve just started it using a dark grey pencil crayon. It needs some more work and I will try and include some of the background to make it more cohesive. I need to work on the shading. If I squint my eyes I can work out the tonal range. Clearly the forehead needs darkening on the left hand side. I’ve only got today and tomorrow to finish it!


A friend reading at Etruria Industrial Museum. The orange area is the ink from the previous page showing through. I did this with a brush pen so it works slightly differently to a fine liner pen. Dark areas fill in better than with a thin pen. I might add texture in Photodirector later. It’s great to try and switch things round and explore different ideas. Practice in anything improves what you do. I’m also trying to teach myself a bit of lino cutting. More of that soon.

Cat in the garden

Golden eyes staring up at me. Sitting in the sunlight. Is that love or ‘feed me’ in his eyes? Predator, but well fed. He doesn’t chase birds thankfully. But he does chase other cats, and gets chased in return. I think they are playing ‘tag’. Long whiskers twitch, he’s ready to rub up against my legs. Enjoy the sun and warmth today. Tomorrow maybe snow is on the way!

Quick friend sketch

Friend sketch. I try and remember to take a small sketch pad with me and when I have the chance I will draw for a few minutes. My sketchpad is like a visual diary, I might use a drawing as a basis for another piece of art, or simply as an aide memoir reminding me of what happened on a particular day. This day was a visit to the Waiting room gallery to see a Spanish Exhibition and tile workshop.

Excellent Blog Post from a Bike-rider and Occupational Therapist in a COVID Unit

“COVID cases are on the rise again and I just finished another tour of duty on the COVID units. Most of my patients this week were not vaccinated. I was vaccinated in December and January. While it is true that I am now magnetic, that’s just my personality and I was that way before the […]

Excellent Blog Post from a Bike-rider and Occupational Therapist in a COVID Unit

I saw this on my friend Martha’s blog and wanted to share it because the misinformation and strange ideas about the vaccines are really dangerous. I am fully vaccinated and hope that if you can get it you do get it. I know that it’s not available everywhere but it should be shared worldwide to try and fight the dreadful virus.

Gone to a good home

My friend is happy x

Just delivered this to my friend. She is really happy with the necklace I made. The others have gone to the Waiting Room gallery in Longport, Stoke-on-Trent. They are having an open day on Saturday along with Cherished Chimneys across the road from there. I like the way it lies flat, the wire weaving looks really neat and the colours look good together.

My friends drawing of me

This is by my friend Ruth (@rumfluffart on Instagram.) it was based on her drawing of me that she did during one of our portrait drawing sessions. I like the way she has altered it in a programme called Procreate I think. Is something I would like to use but I don’t have the right type of phone or tablet to run it.

She has a good sense of colour and her artworks are accessable and fun.