Rainy day

View out the back door. The yard needs work but there is a passing thunderstorm so I’m keeping dry and watching a classic race from 2018 in the tour de France. At least the heat has gone. Its a good thing to I was shattered yesterday. Still tired now. I didn’t sleep well because of the humidity.

The madness continues my hubby is not happy. Grumpy. We are winding each other up in this weather. Even my feet feel tense. I have a low level tension running through me. All my muscles are tight. I feel like exploding. I think I will go out in the rain…..

They want me to use wordpress editor?


I’m an old fuddy duddy, I do things how I like to.

I try and make original paintings and write as spontaneously as I can here.

I’m getting pretty nervous of the new editor. Yes I could try it but what happens if I like this one? Will they switch it off. I’ve invested a lot of time in WordPress and I hope my blog isn’t too boring. It would be a real pain to learn it all again. I’ve got enough on my plate without having to be doing with it .

I’m getting old and cermudgenley. I’m also trying to confuse spell checker with old words!

Goodnight one and all . X

Caught his cold.


Don’t read if you want to be cheered up! He’s been coughing and spluttering for a week now. He never takes medicine for colds and usually throws things off in a couple of days. He’s had flu twice in his life. He won’t rest and recover. He’s hardly eating. So I’ve tried to help, got him some cough medicine, but he won’t take it. I’m fed up with him because he doesn’t seem to realise he’s spreading germs, a virus or whatever it is.

Now I ache and have started coughing. So I’m trying to stay healthy while I run round after him. In the meantime he can’t stop. His anxieties for e him to keep doing things, keep checking things, so yeah, I’m a bit fed up and grumpy. Sorry to vent!