They want me to use wordpress editor?


I’m an old fuddy duddy, I do things how I like to.

I try and make original paintings and write as spontaneously as I can here.

I’m getting pretty nervous of the new editor. Yes I could try it but what happens if I like this one? Will they switch it off. I’ve invested a lot of time in WordPress and I hope my blog isn’t too boring. It would be a real pain to learn it all again. I’ve got enough on my plate without having to be doing with it .

I’m getting old and cermudgenley. I’m also trying to confuse spell checker with old words!

Goodnight one and all . X

13 thoughts on “They want me to use wordpress editor?

  1. I tried the new editor. It was difficult to find the places to click to upload a pic or do the tags so I went back to the old one. The new one has boxes that you don’t want though, and they are over what you’re trying to write. Once or twice after fooling around with it I did a post but it was too much time wasted. They won’t make you switch if you don’t want to or a lot of people will quit.


      1. Thanks for this – I had a look at your page! I am quite lucky as I haven’t yet had an issue with not being able to use the classic editor. I had wondered if they are forcing the change gradually. That said, I write my posts from the wp-admin screen so maybe I’m inadvertantly using a workaround already.
        I appreciate you sending me a link to your post. Many thanks!


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