What do I take pictures of? Anything and everything. What camera do I use? My old mobile, and my tablet computer.

I used to take pictures with an old Olympus Trip we found at the side of a road when we were out cycling one day. I was a student and there was no way of returning it to its owner (we were in the middle of Derbyshire on a tandem). We would have developed the photos but the film was at the start of the role. I have always felt guilty that we kept it!

Later I got digital cameras that you can download to your computer, but when I got a tablet it was easier to use it or my mobile to take pictures; although I wonder if they are clear enough.

The trouble is I’m snap happy…. I will photograph anything from art, to flowers, or food……

So here are a few random photos…..some of them have had filters used such as “layout” to duplicate the image.