Almost done….

Where to stop?

The cogs are a bit messy on the hat. I might change the shading, but I’m painting under electric light now so it’s got a different cast or hue to how it was painting in daylight. But it’s almost done…. Tiring and hard to see details…. I’ve added a few gold highlights, I might add some silvers. I will have it done by tomorrow I think….

Paint, wrapped..

My pallette wrapped in cling film. I did a bit more on my painting today but my arms are aching and I want a rest. If you wrap your acrylic paint up to keep the moisture in it will stay soft and you can carry on using it. It saves wasting it. This is a trick I didn’t really know about until a while ago, I’ve always let my paints dry on the pallette so I’m glad I learnt about this x

Aztec bars were lovely

Describe your dream chocolate bar.

“Aztec was a chocolate bar produced by Cadbury’s from 1967. It was made of nougat and caramel covered with milk chocolate and was sold in a deep purple wrapper. The Aztec was created by Cadbury’s to compete with the Mars Bar, but it was discontinued in 1978. Wikipedia

Yes I remember them well..

I bought many of them withy pocket money. They were tasty and different. I was really disappointed when they were discontinued. Perhaps they were too expensive to make? I remember there was a strange TV programme on in the early 1970’s about Aztecs, it was a children’s adventure series. I only remember it because I associated it with Aztec Bars.

I can’t say much more about them, it was just a strange mix of textures and tastes, but they were really nice. Like so many things though they either end or the recipie is changed, leaving disgruntled customers…

Are you bored yet?

Adding some swirliness to mimic a digital style I like. Why shouldn’t digital and analogue ideas merge? I’m not channelling Van Gogh, just having a bit of fun with texture. I’m going to calm down the Green glasses and add some silver or gold to them… I need to work out how the sky will look. But now… A rest!

More splodging

Getting placement and colours right. I like this composition because it has red and green complementary colours. But with yellows and blues to jazz it up. I need to sort out the chin and the fence. It needs to go backwards and the face to come forwards. There is detail on the gate and face I haven’t added yet, but the paint is wet and I don’t want it to become too blurry.

Old Yeller

Do you remember your favorite book from childhood?

I was about ten when I read Old Yeller written in 1956 by Fred Gipson.

I only have a memory that it was set in the southern area of America, maybe texas. There’s a boy who is helping run a farm and he takes in a stray dog which he calls old Yeller because it’s yellow coloured. I think they had adventures, a bit like Lassie. But eventually the dog was bitten by something that had rabies and was infected. The boy had to decide what to do and I can see in my mind that the dog has to be tied to a tree so it can’t bite anyone. Eventually it has to be shot. I can’t remember what happened next, but I do know it really upset me. I guess that’s why it’s stuck in my memory. I think Disney made a film of it, but I don’t remember seeing it. I do think the book cover had a yellow dog, like a labrador on it.

I enjoyed other books, Nancy Drew, The Hardy boys, and books on myths and legends, but Old Yeller really stuck.


Medusa sat and waited, it had been years since a human had visited her caves and she was simmering with anger. People had been told to keep away. They knew she was dangerous, no one that came into her lair ever escaped. She was surrounded by cowering statues that had looked at her face surrounded by writhing snakes and had turned to stone. She chuckled to herself as she heard echoing footsteps in the antechamber. Her next victim, probably a man, was on his way.

A glimmer of light struck the rocky walls. The man was carrying a flaming torch. All the better for her, the light would shine in her eyes and make her more visible. The slithering snakes were writhing in anticipation. A broad grin spread across her face. ‘Soon’ she whispered to herself.

A shield was the first thing she noticed as the man edged around the corner. He held it high to hide his face and literally shield his eyes. Then she saw her own reflection. Before she could breathe, whimper or scream the spell caught her. Ancient flesh transformed into stone. Persius was victorious, Medusa was lost, into infinity.