Drawing waves

Imagined waves. I still haven’t been anywhere near the beach, but I’m imagining a sea whipped up by a storm. Tuesdays #bandofsketchers prompt was waves. I’ve been to the seaside during storms, but not big ones. I think this could have done with more foam, but it’s hard to draw with a 6b pencil and black ink pen.


So much pollen my eyes smart and itch. The breeze is blowing and the grass is full grown. Sneezing and spluttering, breathing in dust. Allergens float in the air.

Rubbing my eyes till they are red. Enough smarting, so I take antihistamines, but it’s still bad. Sleep can help, eyes are protected when they are closed. Having to write short sentences between the tears. Rain is a friend, dampening the dust and pollen, washing it away down the drains.

Playing a with Peony flower.

Paeony or Peony? How do you spell it. I changed this photos texture in Photodirector, then changed its hue and saturation and finally used the curve tool to adjust the lightness and shadows. I feel it has a look of embroidered silk or satin. The petals are more defined than the original white flower. I like the yellow and blue greens on the leaves. If this was the true colours I would say that it was an ill plant. But as this is an edit of the original I think it gives an interesting effect.

Missing photos

I just checked my memory percentage on WordPress media and it was up to 96.4% well into the red! I am always up there recently because I like posting my own art here. It means that something has to happen so I have been deleting a few photos. I’m down to 96%. Please accept my apologies if there isn’t a picture on one of my older posts… I have to reduce them. I’m also possibly going to post smaller images xxx

Vision Exhibition

Vision was a collectively curated exhibition by local artists exploring themes of aesthetics, sight, self-image, re-authoring and mythology, showcasing a variety of work including traditional painting, collage, resin and soft sculpture. Working outside the typical white cube gallery space at The Rigger Venue allowed for a unique and exciting exhibition experience. You could book a time slot to enjoy this Covid-safe art space with a table to sit, discuss and enjoy the art works after seeing the show.

Curation and artworks by Liz Ankers, Megan Kettle, Lorna Lakin, Christine Mallaband-Brown, Deborah Travis and Eve Travis.

Happy Cat

She’s just come I from outside, curled up, happy, waiting for a belly rub.

Most of the cats I’ve had are black and white. So called ‘tuxedo’ cats. I think they may be the ‘Jellicles’ cats from the poem by T S Elliott who wrote ‘Old Possums book of Practical Cats’ which the musical ‘Cats’ is based on. I can’t remember much of that poem but it does say something about Jellicles cats ‘dance by the light of the moon’?

Other cat poems in the book include ‘McCafferty the Mystery Cat’, ‘Gus: The Theatre Cat’ and ‘The Naming of Cats’. I think they are much better as poems than adapted as songs.

Step out

Two feet stood looking at the print… A single paw print. No more? Had it sprung down from the air and then leapt back up, to where?

Two feet thought ‘could it be a uniped? A single leg topped by what? A canine form of cyclops? Did such a thing exist, and if so how did it get around? Hopping like a one legged Sparrow? What did it eat? Should two feet be wary?

Barking from down the road, a violent noise that grew larger. Even though the unidog may be miles away sweat broke on his brow. Two feet did not stay. Not wanting to meet such a monster.

He was only two feet tall, after all!