Under the cats eye

Scrutiny, he watches, he’s the outdoor boy. Making sure you love him, have treats ready. A tickle behind his ears, under his chin, cheek rubbed. His cut nose is healing, not caused by our cats…

Then a look, aloof, I’ve had enough, I’m going out. He stands, stretches, front paws first, then back legs, doing the ‘downward cat’. Yowl, let me out. Gently closing his eyes looking up at me. I am under his spell. I’m OK while he’s out but as soon as he comes back. I’m gone. Xx

His belly!

The outdoor cat trusts me enough to show me his belly and he let me stroke it. Cats are very nervous of doing this, so they really are careful about rolling over and showing their tummies. I feel very honoured that he’s let me do that.

He’s back in this evening out of the cold. The other cats are continuing to tolerate him. I think soon he will be a (mostly) indoor cat too!

Sewing kit

All oof my cotton thread has been disappearing over the last few months. I was beginning to think we had borrowers like in the Mary Norton book ‘the Borrowers’, or maybe some magic elf Taylor using it to do invisible mending on worn clothes?

But no. I found my hubby winding my cotton thread around a mast and spars he’s attached to a toy motor boat. He’s taken the engine out. Why? Because he was having problems with the battery pack. So instead of getting a new one he decided to glue and tape the masts and cardboard sails to it. He’s been using the cotton to support the spars and mast. The boat looks like someone on Waterworld or Mad Max has been at it. It’s steam punk meets origami! I won’t show you a photo. I did find out he’s modified it a few times, and each time he’s used my cotton thread! Boo!

Dragon doodle

Doodling a dragon 🐲 but I really don’t know their morphology. I know ones I draw tend to look horselike , with scale skin and wide wings and a long pointed tail. But would they fly? They would need a large breast bone to attach massive muscles to. They would probably need hollow bones to make them light enough to get airborne. Would they have front legs and wings too? Birds have modified front limbs that have evolved into wings, perhaps dragons would be the same.

In any case they are creatures of magic in mythology. Perhaps one day they could be genetically created, and appear like the Fire Lizards in Anne MacCafferys Dragon series of books – pets like small cats…

A few hours drawn

In the first lockdown , Urban Sketchers was doing a daily drawing. On dat 30 we did a chronicle of the day. This was mine on 17.4.2020. I seem to have spent the day on chores, cooking, eating, drinking watching cats and drawing.

How little we knew then of how long Covid19 would last, everything seemed new and unusual, a challenge, not a problem. An opportunity to be involved in something creative. And all the clapping for the NHS on a Thursday night seemed appropriate. We didn’t know one lockdown would end, and despite people’s efforts we would go into another one this Autumn. I wonder if I should do another Covid diary?

Crumpled/ twisted

Crumpled newspaper, twisted handbag strap. Bit early for today’s #bandofsketchers prompt, because I’m still up watching films. I didn’t have to look far for something to draw, this was yesterday’s Guardian newspaper. Both that and the handbag are on top of a cardboard box… I really need to tidy up!

Cactus pot

A cheerful, colourful, square pot I have a Christmas cactus in. It was outside earlier in the year, but I noticed the glaze was coming off the other one so I bought it in (I think frost and rain got to them). This one’s a bit messy round the back, but then I just have the good side facing out. You can make anything nice if you position it well, even if its cheap and cheerful.

Sleeping like a baby

He’s coming in at night more and more, he’s finding comfort and warmth. My cats are being tolerant (probably because they were rescue cats where there were twenty cats in the house). They sniff each other and then find somewhere to rest. This cat stays in longer ever night, we are his safe space. After an hour or two he goes to the back door and yowls, asks to be released. One day he might stay the whole night, but I understand he wants his freedom. In the meantime I’m getting him flea and worming treatments so he doesn’t pass anything on to my two. I’m glad he’s befriended us. X

Abstract sky

I went a bit psychedelic when I created this. The bare branches and twigs of the bushes in this photo created cells that I used a flood fill on. There are about three birds on the twigs, you might be able to see them.. The buildings are a line of terraced houses over the road from the hedge. It’s a combination of analogue and digital. It reminds me of stained glass.