Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was sounds. Trying to work out how to draw this. Sounds can be acoustic or geographical. For instance the sound of music, or Plymouth Sound, an inlet into the sea. I decided to draw a combination of sound waves disturbing the surface of water as we don’t live anywhere near a sound. Felt pen drawing.

Blue crab

Finished painting

I said I would post a picture of this finished painting of a blue crab when it had got to its new home. I tried to make it accurate but its quite hard to work out the fine details. I also brightened the blues and toned down the sandy background. I made the area behind the crab softer so that it goes backwards out of focus and added more detail to the foreground. It’s new owner is pleased with it I think.

Crab, work in progress

Art is whatever someone wants. This is a painting I promised to do a year ago, but then I got busy with my MA and I never seemed to find the time to work on it it’s only small, about A4, acrylic on canvas. It needs work on the light and dark areas and I want to get a bit more texture into the sand. But it’s a good start. It’s 3am so I’m putting down my brushes for the night.

Peeling paint

What do you see? I see an archipelago of small islands in a deep blue sea. I think there are rocky shores and shallow waters around the islands.

Or it simply could be blue paint peeling off an old metal door. You can see the metal surface is made up of crystals, or perhaps its a decorative feature on the metal doors surface.

Or it could be strange clouds on a distant blue planet. Looking down from above or up at an azure sky.

Imagination is fun.

Onedin line

I just listened to the Adagio from Spartacus. I know it as the theme music to a 1970’s TV series called the Onedin line. My mother used to collect LPs (long playing records) of classical music, and sometimes we would sit and listen to them. The adagio rises and falls, the music swells before it calms like a settling sea.

I haven’t heard it for forty years so I was surprised at how upset it made me. I cried so much. Memories can have that effect. These were good memories of a long time ago. If you want to hear it go to YouTube. It’s worth it.

Seashore mosaic

Photoshop landscape using mosaic photos to break up the image. It’s an interesting effect but is it a bit jarring? The secrion of the sky seems to have too many black bits I’m it. This is years old and I can’t remember when I did it. I have numerous pictures that I created over several years. I am very interested in artistic experiments. X

Georges remembered

I spoke about doing a painting of Georges the dolphin a few weeks ago and yesterday I got a chance to take a photo of the painting which is acrylic on canvas. I forgot how much I loved painting this. I think he was a bottle nosed dolphin. They have upturned mouths that make them look like they are permanently smiling.

I think I looked at a photo of a dolphin to know where the fins were but the rest is imagined and the landscape is based on the south Devon coastline.