Sea face

Eight years ago I painted this. I based it on a broken terracotta wall plaque that I’d had on the wall outside but I think the frost split it. It sort of reminds me of the green man theme and I think I actually bought it in a green man shop in Pickering in Yorkshire….. It was an acrylic on canvas and I guess I must have sold it as I haven’t seen it for years? You can get inspiration from all sorts of places if you look.

Pastel drawing

Pastel drawing of sea, land and sky. Came up on my Facebook memories from four years ago. Where does the time go? It was one of the drawings I did during a pastel workshop a while ago. It was framed and has a mount over it so any loose pastel dust falls behind the mount and not in front of it. I think I’m going to take it over to a gallery where I have some work so I can try and sell it.

Water is blue

How do i know the water is blue? Surely it’s transparent. But look at the sea. As you go deep into it you can see it stays blue until you go deep when it’s black. Then look at water at sunset. It stays blue even when the sky turns red doesn’t it? And in yellow white sunshine its very blue. Not green, not yellow, not red, not purple – Blue.

Final photo

I asked for a photo of my beach painting from the lady who bought it (it went to the person who had commissioned it and I had forgotten to take a picture). She was really happy with it. I tried to get that feeling of water washing on and out, flowing over the sand. A few dark rocks sit in the bottom right hand corner and I really tried to get bright sunny colours into it. I found the blue hard to get right, so I used a turquoise hue to get that marine feeling.

Sold a painting

I sold this today, only for a few pounds, but it was my first for 2023. I’m not making a great deal of money out of my art, but I know that this will be going to a good home. I didn’t get a photo of it fully completed because my phone camera is playing up but it’s a pretty good representation of the final piece. I didn’t really think about it but it also made me feel calm when I looked at it.


Blue, cobalt, ultramarine, pthalo blue, azure, cerulean, indigo, so many names for blue. When you choose colours to paint with you have to select the right one. When you choose you may want a transparent blue, or something stronger with a real depth of colour to it. If you want a colour to paint the sky you need to match what you see to what you can mix on the canvas. Sometimes you just can’t get the right combination of colours. Some blues have hints of red, or purple, or green or even yellow, it’s amazing how many variations of colours the eye can see. Sea, world, ocean, sky, so many blues.

Finished beach painting?

I think this is done. It’s a beach and sea scene viewed from above. I decided to put some rocks in the bottom right corner, but do they look OK? This had Bern sitting on my easle since before Christmas and I have only just felt well enough to try and finish it. I hope the person who commissioned it likes it.

Winter watch is on

Winterwatch is an offshoot of Springwatch which is a programme that started on BBC TV several years ago. The presenters have changed over time, but it gives us a view of the British Isles through the seasons.

Winterwatch is lovely, seeing badgers, falcons, water rats, deer, stoats and seabirds amongst other animals gives you an idea of how they live and survive and in some cases thrive during the winter.

The programme explores wildlife and behaviour over a couple of weeks, sampling their lives and how humans affect them. The series is a wonderful reminder of nature. Some of it is filmed live during the evening programmes and also has videos of other animal activity happening at this time of year.

If you want to know more about the natural history of the British Isles during winter you can watch it in the UK on BBC 2, or the BBC I player, or the Facebook page which is called BBC Springwatch. Or


A glow in the sky

Memory of an evening walk

Across grassy fields

And over stony stiles

Only a few days

By the sea

But I remember

The hues and colours

The sights and river sounds

Blousy hedgerows

Full of blossoms

Fruits and seedheads

Mild and breezy

Candyfloss clouds

Cornwall, County of coastlines

Beautiful beaches

High cliffs and moors

I want to return.