Usk challenge, shadows


I’ve put 13.7.20, but it was actually 13.8.20, thirteenth of August. The prompt today was shadows, this is the view of the plants and buildings in the background from our side window. There may not be many more prompts because we have to come up with them ourselves, I wonder what we could come up with…..

I decided afterwards to add some dark watercolour to it, but then decided to add a few colours too. 


I also changed the date on it. Its still shaded. I think it looks quite nice.

Mostly black and white


Of course you can have a black and white cat, but have pops if colour around it, as in this photo. The main colours here are blue and orange which are contrasting colours on opposite sides of the colour wheel. It’s not perfect, but I think it’s quite pleasing. Shadows fall below and to the right of the  cat caused by the bright but diffused bathroom light.

Shadows and light

Sorry about the quality of the picture. But this was a painting I did a couple of years ago at the Orme Art group.

It was a still life set up by members of the group which we all worked on. Shadows were cast in two or three directions so it was a challenge to work out how to depict them.

Also the glass vase threw a coloured blue shadow with the ripples shimmering on the wall.

I’m not sure if I got the scale of each object right. The vase must have been really big or the teapot very small?

One problem with looking closely is that you can look at each object and not always the whole. That’d why it’s important to literally and metaphorically take a step back to check.