Why can I see an Owl?

Two eyes and a beak, that’s what I can see. I don’t know whether you can see that too? I also see Wales as the shape of a pigs head and Devon and Cornwall as a pigs leg. Scotland looks like a victorian bonnet and the East Coast of England looks like a bottom or a bustle. This is called Pareidolia. I was talking about it to a friend and he sees Wales as a witch? So even though you can look at an image and see something, it won’t necessarily be the same thing. I don’t think everyone has this strange way of looking. Maybe it’s an evolutionary thing? If you can see the tiger in the bushes you can run away before it pounces. It’s your brains interpretation. It can be strange.

Clematis faces

If you duplicate or mirror an image, then turn it on its side you can get some quite interesting images. This was clematis growing along a fence, but something magical happens when you add some bilateral symmetry. The fence spikes look like goats or sheeps horns. There is something that looks like eyes and if you look closely you might see faces? This is an example of my Pareidolia. I see faces in a lot of patterns.


Woke up to a blue sky with patchy clouds. Do you look for things in the clouds? I thought I could see Yoda in this photo from a few days ago (bottom half of the photo). Strange how the mind works. I guess it’s because you have to be awake and aware as a human being. Maybe you need to see possible threats so pattern recognition is a good thing. I’ve often written about my ability to see patterns. Pareidolia is what it’s called. But yes it’s good to be awake and seeing blue skys. But we do need rain.

Christmas cactus crab?

Pareidolia, the ability to see creatures in patterns. Well I call it an ability. Some may feel its more a curse! I’ve always looked at patterns and shapes and seen things in them. Some of my earliest memories were looking up at clouds and seeing birds and animals, things like whales and elephants. The human mind is good at seeing patterns, that’s why Percival Lovell the astronomer seems to have seen canalli, I think he called them? on Mars (not canals).

The human mind recognises things and that visual ability must help our instinct for creativity and science. Concept design is probably aided by it too. I think that’s part of our success as a species…..

So I was looking at this Christmas cactus and noticed the flower buds. Then I decided to play with it and voila! A green crab shape..


Artrage oils sketch. Using orange, yellow, green and purple to make it pop. Because the colours smudge when you overlap them, it’s hard not to mix them up. Eventually I ended up with this abstract pattern.

Finally I mirrored the image in layout app to create a symmetrical pattern. The colour pallette has a slider for metallic and non metallic versions.

I see lots of shapes in it that could be faces or a cat or other animals or even bodies? Pareidolia again (seeing faces in things)

A creature?

Twisting the pattern I drew as a doodle seems to create a strange creature reflected in a mirrored surface. There could be other alien creatures lurking in there. I enjoyed doing this. I had some fun with it. I could make three more versions, choosing different corners to match up in the middle. I think this is my favourite.


I sort of see birds, owls, flying out of these flowers? Or old fashioned rocket ships, or a totem pole. When you play with patterns you can find all sorts of things. I like seeing faces in things. I recently found out it’s called Pareidolia. We studied it during one of the semesters at college, the mind looks for patterns and sometimes finds them.