Eerie multiple photo. If I was describing it to someone I would say it looks almost human, but it could be some strange concoction of a scent hunter. The noses look weird because they are wider than normal, and the eyes are tiny and embedded into the facial flesh. It could almost be part of a bestiary. I have found a few images in them that are quite amazing and also bizarre, but I think this could almost fit in with the criteria of one of them. X


Do you have floaters in your eyes? When I look at anything I can see vague shapes floating about in my eyes. Luckily they are mainly around the periphery of my vision. I just drew this eye and tried to mark out their positions and opacity/transparency, The trouble is as you move your eyes or head they move and ‘float’ about too ( I guess thats why they are called floaters). Sometimes they’re very obvious, like on a bright sunny day they look like the shadows of birds flying overhead, or against a bright screen they can look quite dark. From talking to my Optician I believe they are the shadows of dead blood cells that are loose inside my eye. They either leak out or are pulled out by the gel in your eyes shrinking as your eyes get older. Mine are mostly unnoticable except when I’m concentrating on a drawing, or looking closley at something. Sometimes I see them when I’m driving , or on a snowy day. I wish I had asked the optician more? I think its something to mention if you have them as the optician needs to know, and it may be indicative of something going on. But don’t panic. Just take care of yourself.


One of my Youdraw drawings, the website may open back up again next year. Currently they are showing some of the artists works on Instagram.

I did over 11,000 drawings on the site. The only tools were a thick and thin black pen and a thick and thin eraser. The canvas size was only about two inches high by one inch wide. But that simplicity gave the site charm and also a challenge to create interesting images.

Dragon skull

I found a little skull on a walk a few years ago. Maybe a rabbit skull? Something with a printed snout. No teeth and no bottom jaw. I kept it as something to practice drawing on. Trying to get accurate details and shading. It struck me that I could use it as an idea for a dragon. I had an idea where the jaw would articulate, it would be a carnivore so teeth would be all along the jaw, (herbivores only have incisors and big molar teeth at the back). Now I have to think where the skin would sit and the size of its eyes….

Strange eyes

According to scientific research symmetrical features are supposed to make people more handsome or pretty.

As an experiment I took a photo of someone’s eye then mirrored it. I tried to get the right width for the bridge of the nose. I have to say this looks strange. He does have uneven eyes in reality, with one obviously higher than the other.

The only other example of this I have seen was with a photo of Edgar Allen Poe. He has a very unsymmetric face and as with this experiment if you mirror the opposite sides the faces that result are truly weird, at least to me.

Retinopathy test

I have had my annual retinopathy screening and all looks fine.

We are really lucky to have this service on the NHS. We pay for this in our tax and National Insurance contributions.

A technician puts some very stinging drops in your eyes, that’s the worst bit. The drops open your irises to let the light into the back of your eyes. Once your eyes are dilated you sit down in front of a machine. You put your chin on a rest and lean your forehead on a bar. Then you stare at a green flashing dot. First directly in front, then to the side. Each time the technician takes a photo of your retina.

Finally you get a set of four pictures of your retinas. The technician let me take a photo of one of them to show my hubby. I’ve included a close up of one of them here, plus my (still) dilated pupil. The technician could not see any problems but I should get the full results in a week or so.

I was lucky to get the appointment locally. I had been offered one 10 to 20 miles away, but as I was not allowed to drive with the eye drops in it would not have been feasible to travel.

Old digital doodle

Faces, I love them, portraits, doodles, there’s something that makes me draw them. Trying to get features right. I’ve always drawn eyes as well. I try to get them right, but I have a default eye or face, the way as I sketch I try and it from memory. Things like the size of the eyes. The eyelids, the shape of lips. The size and shape of eyebrows. Hairline. I find hair the most difficult. I need more practice, even after sixty years!