Took all day but I finally finished this. Spent a lot of time painting the old, flaking window frame. I’m not sure the sky colour is right. I might get up early and tone it down. I’m handing it in in the morning….

It’s called Spode Reflected.



Where was I?

An attempt at a Minton tile and my own design in minton colours, both for the mystery play. The one based on the minton design was hard to get right. It’s a bit wobbly. The second one has a bit of a Tudor rose feel to it. I started with the outside on the Minton copy and the inside with my own design. Im not sure it works, but when you put them together it makes a nice pattern. Hopefully they will like it for the play.

Most of the rest of the day was spent rehearsing and recovering from last nights show. These days I get tired more quickly. It’s annoying. Tomorrow is another rehearsal day. Only a week to go till the play.

Cirrus clouds

I saw these clouds tonight. I think they are cirrus. One looked like a flying seagull? I think they were airplane con trails getting blown about on the wind.

Blue sky and wispy clouds

Flying high up above

Seagull flying

Wings outspread

Or an angel overhead.

Swooping down

And touching ground

Ultra marine blue

Beautiful hue.

Brightest clouds above

Expanding, flowing, love.


Magnolia flower 🌸


We have a small Magnolia Stellata tree that has come into blossom this week .

There are many species of Magnolia from tiny blossoms to as big as a human head. They range from pure white to dark pink. They are beautiful and spellbinding. Our tree is only just coming into flower but others are full of blossoms. Masses of pink and white petals adorn the local trees.

Magnolia can be affected by frost and seem to like sunlight. We were lucky to get ours to grow. All I would say is follow the instructions carefully if you intend to plant your own.