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I just watched a programme on TV about colours, one of which was blue. They showed the rock, Lapis Lazuli, which can only be found in a small number of places in the world including Afghanistan and California.

Lapis Lazuli was used as a paint pigment in paintings by artists like Titian. The rock is ground down to fine powder and then mixed with oil and wax to make oil paint. The resulting colour is called ultramarine and is a superb blue used in things like the blue paint in the robes of the virgin Mary in Titian’s paintings.

So how did Lapis Lazuli become blue? Sulphur rich rock, which was a pale grey brown was heated up 30 or 40 kilometres below the Earth’s surface. The intense heat and pressure apparently compresses the mineral and makes three atoms of Sulphur line up in each molecule. It is this geometry in the molecules that causes it to reflect pure blue light. (Sulphur is usually found in nature in a yellow, red, orange, brown or black form – the Volcanic moon of Jupiter, Io, is coloured by Sulphur).

Blue sky

Blue Sea.

Blue life.

Blue me



If cats could fly?


If cats had wings would they chase birds in the sky? Would pigeons be safe? Would they swoop down like owls and catch voles from on high?

Horses have Pegasus, cats could be mythological, why not. They were worshipped as gods in Egypt, imagine them flying up to tree tops. Mioawing a Dawn chorus.

With genetic modification they could grow huge wings to allow them to hover like drones, waiting to see when their owners come home, spiralling down to perch on feeding stations.

Their coats could be patterned with spirals and chequer boards in blues and purples.

Why not?

Floating in a sea of sky

Walked into the kitchen and saw this through the window so had to take a couple of photos on my phone. Then I wondered how it would look if I turned it into a pattern which is the third one.. See photo below.


It just looks so alien. I think this is called a mackerel sky? Not sure what the cloud type is.

The light shining off the clouds from the sun was very bright but quickly faded. I do love looking at skies and I’m interested in the mechanics of them. You never know I might paint it.


Cirrus clouds

I saw these clouds tonight. I think they are cirrus. One looked like a flying seagull? I think they were airplane con trails getting blown about on the wind.

Blue sky and wispy clouds

Flying high up above

Seagull flying

Wings outspread

Or an angel overhead.

Swooping down

And touching ground

Ultra marine blue

Beautiful hue.

Brightest clouds above

Expanding, flowing, love.



Patterns, that’s what I like, I make them out of trees, out of skies out of water.

Nature makes it easy to create something interesting and different each time. Sometimes you can see faces and animals in the patterns.

Each time I take a photo I think how it would appear if I turned it into a pattern. Some pictures are easier than others, photos with a lot of strong diagonals, or lots of sky and just a small corner with the side of a building in it can also be interesting.

The pictures I took today have strong contrasts because of the bright low sun. The light delinated the branches and made them stand out.

Most of the time I turn each picture four times, but I don’t have to stick to that format. For instance the third picture in this series is slightly different, see if you can see why.