Purple satin…?

Filtered photo, changed a photo of water and soapsuds by altering the colour of it. Then adding texture. In the end it either looks like crumpled satin or even red cabbage! Or it could be red wine, or a pool deep in the woods as autumn sets in.

You can describe anything by looking at it and deciding what it something you of, imagination is something you can cultivate. If you look closely you might see an eye or the profile of an imp with its mouth open? Bottom left/middle… Or a gorilla or a cat stretching…

Making a world

Not satellite images. These are photos of my washing up bowl with the cold water tap running and a little bit of washing up liquid added. The bright patch and the dark curves are the sky and plant leaves reflected in the surface of the water and the running tap gave swirls and vortices that made the slight foam look like swirling clouds.

Window open

Brrrr. I’m sitting feeling quite cold. Our central heating system is due to be serviced but even though its a very cold day I was expecting a bit more warmth… Its been a sunny day so it helped warm up the house…. But then hubby just said ‘I’d better shut the bedroom window!’ Wait? WHAT?

He had opened it about six hours ago because it was too hot up there. So I’ve had the central heating on full blast and we have effectively been heating the whole atmosphere!!! I asked him, again, not to do this, but he’s forgetful and he likes fresh air. Tempted to shut all the heating off….. Then he said I’d better turn the hose off… Ape that’s been on for four or five hours. No doubt there are icebergs in the garden now! Grrr and Brrrr

Rain and more rain

It hasn’t stopped raining for the last two days, places in Scotland have had as much rain in a day as they usually have in a month. I’ve kept inside and kept my sore throat and sniffles to myself. I think the weather has bought the bad bugs out. Plus with travelling last week I’ve probably come into contact with other people who have had colds. I did a lateral flow test this morning that was negative, but instead of my usual poor sleep I’ve been totally exhausted. Anyway at this rate I’ll be building an ark!

Ukraine power cuts

Russian missiles continue to bombard the Ukrainian infrastructure. They are being used to damage and destroy power stations and water works. The Ukrainian population are being asked to accept regular power cuts so that there will be enough power for hospitals, and drinking water is becoming increasingly scarce, with people queuing to collect enough water to survive, and where can they get food. With the damage that has been done to the buildings in the country it means that as winter begins to bite in Ukraine the population will have to try and cope in such dangerous situations. I hope that they will survive, we have not forgotten the fact that Russia continues it’s cruel war on its Western neighbour.

At the lake

At the lake my hubby sailed his radio controlled speedboat. All was fine for a while. He sent it round a little bouy a few times, although he did come a bit close to some ducks though. But then the battery started going flat, he kept sending it out and it started to slow down. He got it back but sent it for one last run and… It stopped and stuck by the bouy! What to do? We threw a couple of stones but it drifted outwards. Oh no! Hubby took his trousers off! No! Waded into the lake with his shoes on! No! Used a branch to get the boat, almost fell over into the foul smelling water and waded out. Then he put his trousers back on (with black and green coloured legs). He had to squelch a few hundred yards to the car. It was brave but silly, people have drowned in the big lake, luckily the small lake was shallow at that edge. But after all that’s happened recently, well I wasn’t happy.