Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was sounds. Trying to work out how to draw this. Sounds can be acoustic or geographical. For instance the sound of music, or Plymouth Sound, an inlet into the sea. I decided to draw a combination of sound waves disturbing the surface of water as we don’t live anywhere near a sound. Felt pen drawing.

Cheap birdbath

I wanted a birdbath/waterstation for small mammals. I decided to buy some plant pot saucers. Our garden is on a slope, so I’ve used bricks and a piece of wood to place them one above the other. I also used an oblong plant tray to hold more water. I’ve seen a blackbird nearby so I’m hoping it attracts them. I’ve put the saucers in an open area so they don’t get pounced on by cats. X

Tree arch

After I drew the laburnum arch I looked through the photos I took at the weekend and realised I could have drawn this instead. I don’t remember seeing it before, but it is quite striking. One thing about the UK is the greenery. Once spring and summer arrives the greens burst out. Yes we do get drought conditions, but we are very lucky compared with many places.

Clean phone..

Get random photos.. I needed to optimise my photos because they were taking up too much memory. So I optimised and deleted 450 originals. The only problem is you get a random selection that is out of order when you go back in your gallery. This set of plant saucers came up as recent! Filled with water and set in a slight slope the birds seem to like them. Memory saved? About 950 megabytes!

Drinking dragon

Used a digital app to u the contrast and colours on this drawing, I also made parts of it negative. I think it’s an interesting effect. The reds and greens have been enhanced, they were actually on the other side of the sketchbook page I use. It’s thinker paper than some but the ink can bleed through slightly to the other side of the paper.


Rain on my window, blurring the view smeared across the surface. April shower crashes down. No thunder or lightning but we may get some. Hidden tomato plants snug in the plastic greenhouse.

My friend now has an allotment. I have offered to water her plants while she’s on holiday. An old gardener there said the plants in her greenhouse will need watering daily! I’m glad of the showers now, they will help fill up the water butt’s. Large blue barrels filled with rain water. It’s good, we had a very dry march so the rain is welcome.

Work in progress

I went to our Art Group today. It was good to kick-start myself back into painting again. Struggled a bit because of my shaking arm. I’m like a wobbly jelly.

It was going to be a different painting, but when I got to the venue there was no WiFi available so I couldn’t find the reference photo I wanted to work from. This painting took about three hours so far. I’ve got to work out the reflections and the sky.


Digital manipulation of paving blocks. The colours are from water and green algae on the blocks. The perspective of them means that because I have mirrored them both side to side and up and down there appears to be a bulge in the centre of the picture. I again used the Layout app that comes with Instagram to do the mirroring.