Sea and Sky


Surreal image of sea and sky. I choose things that will make a good picture when they are duplicated and put together in a pattern. The waves were breaking in the distance and the sand was thinly covered with a film of water. The groynes are wearing out but still stop the sand drifting. I like the triangles on poles at either end of them (only one in the original photo) I think this makes a plesant composition…

The lake

DSC_2219_optimized (2)

A view of late summer. Riding on the Rudyard lake light railway train, along the length of the lake. I saw this sailing boat over the other side. Too far away and slightly misty to get a clear view. I love the romance of the scene. Its a long, thin lake. Sheltered by hills on either side. Actually a reservoir for the canal system. I don’t think it ever gets stormy on there. No tides, no rise and fall of water, unless there is a period of drought. A lovely, if busy, place to visit.

It’s out in the hills on a little side road, we have cycled there down steep gradients when I was a lot younger. One road to it is very narrow, with passing places. The other is on the far side of the town of Leek and means an extra twenty to thirty minutes travelling to get there.

One day I will take paints and a canvas to capture the views.



Shimmering silver and gold,

Flicker in the sunshine,

catching erratic mayflies.

Slipping down the stream,

glinting and glimmering,

Sun and shade stripes of branches,

camouflaged and hidden

above the pebbled bed.

Leaping and jumping

flying fish for a second

mid air,

then like raindrops falling,

back into the crystal clear,

cold, brisk, water…

Home made lemon tea…


Very simple, decaff teabag, hot water, sweetener to taste, lemon juice. It’s been a lifesaver for my horrible sore throat and its upped my Vitamin C. They say Vitamin C only really helps you get over a cold while you have it. Taking it at other times doesn’t really do much….

Night ☓

Rains falling heavily


We’ve been waiting all day for the rain and it’s arrived after dark, in torrents. The wind has been blowing strongly, bending trees over, waving branches, bits of twig falling on the road. There is almost a stream of water rushing past the back door. The noise of the rain drumming against the window.

In the UK we don’t have long months of cold rain or months of sunshine. We are at a position in the world where weather  comes at us from all different directions. From the East we get freezing winds and snow, from the South, warm winds and heat, from the West, Atlantic storms, or high pressure keeping frost and calm weather over us, and from the North, Arctic winds and snow. And then all of that mixes up and scrambles things even more. Makes for an interesting life!

Geese in progress

The mural is about half finished. There is a lot to do still, more details on the geese. Splashing water, not added yet, I’ve been trying to get the background done first. Then outlining the patches of water. The little goslings need a stronger yellow. Then the reeds and leaves need finishing. I’m getting tired.