Illustrating short

Yesterday’s #bandofsketchers prompt was short. Black ink on cartridge paper. This was just drawn because I couldn’t think of what to draw. I did think short wave radio but that didn’t really seem interesting enough.

I could have drawn myself, my short stature, not very exciting. A short drink or a short walk? Other thoughts….

Ice cream

#bandofsketchers prompt yesterday was ‘sweet’. I’ve been eating far too much ice cream recently. I used post it notes for the sauce and sprinkles and the tub, then shaded and drew with a fine line black ink pen. The shading was done with a pale green felt pen. This is meant to indicate soft ice cream, the stuff they sometimes call Mr Whippy!

Weird idea…

This was weird, a friend on WhatsApp is trying to come up with a logo for his name that starts with a B and he had drawn letter B’s holding a pencil, so I suggested a Bee carrying a pencil and writing the letter B…. And it fits with today’s #bandofsketchers prompt which is ‘carried’. I might just leave this or I might work on it?