Six months…

Six months since I lost you

Six months of sorrow

I don’t remember every day

But milestones on the way

Remind me of a voice lost

A physical presence gone.

When I feel down the loss is greater

I dispare that your life is over.

I still pray for you at night

And I wish with all my might

That you were still here

Even if you were not near

Sister, twin, friend

My love to you

I send.


Which animal would you compare yourself to and why?

If I could I’d be a cat

Eight meals a day

But still not fat

Treats on demand

From my owners hand

A bed in each room

For me to groom

And fall asleep

Warm and comfortable

Under the table

Or on the windowledge

Watching nature

Then outside

To chase leaves

And hide.

No answer

What is your middle name? Does it carry any special meaning/significance?

I’m not saying….

My bank account is…

My height is…

I’m not saying….

I live at…

I have xxxx coloured hair

My eyes are…

I’m not saying…

My pets name is…..

My house number is..

My social security number is..

I’m not saying..

My passwords are…

I’m a bot, or not?

I’m not saying!