Another sleepless night


Waiting for the night to turn to light,

For my breath to calm,

For the rushing noise in my ear to stop.

Anything to keep me from harm.

Let me sleep through nights eternal flight,

Let me sleep and miss the noisy road.

My lids are heavy, I start to nod

Leave earth in dreamland

But then I thud

Back into reality

Wide awake

Pull into alarmed wariness

By a noise in my head.



Bright purple, showy, flared.

Full of energy,

Life, fun.

Zing-ING, splashed, clamouring

For attention.


Add purple and it blasts through,

Flights of fancy

High pitched song,

Not calm pink

Or barmy blue

Gaudy yellow

Green screen

Orange spice

Ruddy red.

But purple, violet, lavender, plum, grape

Mix blue, red and white

Purple delight

Cirrus clouds

I saw these clouds tonight. I think they are cirrus. One looked like a flying seagull? I think they were airplane con trails getting blown about on the wind.

Blue sky and wispy clouds

Flying high up above

Seagull flying

Wings outspread

Or an angel overhead.

Swooping down

And touching ground

Ultra marine blue

Beautiful hue.

Brightest clouds above

Expanding, flowing, love.


Don’t knock


Just trying to write a spooky poem after finding this photo on my phone.

Don’t knock on this door

You won’t like what’s inside

A dark room,

a catacomb 

stairs diving down 

to a tomb.


Don’t knock on this door

All you will see us red

Blood red

Spooky red

Of people who are dead.


Don’t knock on this door.

It leads out to the yard

The floor is wet,

don’t slip and slide

You must be on your guard.


I don’t think I can write anymore on this theme. I’m running out of rhymes and I wanted a funny punchline but can’t find one. Anyway I just like the photo.