Bucket list wish

One day I want to see

Shimmering Northern lights

Lighting up the sky

The Aurora Borealis, bright.

Green or red or white…

Different colours, different elements

Curtains of particles

Flying on Earth’s magnetic field

Falling to land at the poles

Glowing glory

Suns power manifested in air

My bucket list wish.

Seen in England last week

But hidden by clouds….



Oh I keep scrolling down the page

Facebook posts are all the rage

Never ending thoughts and hopes

I don’t know how anyone copes!

Addicted to that vertical scrolling

Dragging my eyes, they keep rolling!

Bits and bobs, this and that

Someone’s thin someone’s fat.

A work of fiction or of fact

But intelligent thinking is what’s lacked?

Sometimes serious causes emerge

But often it’s just a tawdry surge

Of endorphins keeping me awake

Switch it off. For goodness sake!

Fell asleep!

Argh! I’ve been out all afternoon working on some paperwork and I got really tired. I should have gone out this evening, but I fell asleep and woke up a while ago, feeling dazed and confused as the saying goes. I don’t feel like going for a walk, I think I’m allowed a rest. I feel very guilty, but if I fall asleep I must be tired? I know I shouldn’t miss things but I couldn’t help it. Now I feel like sleeping again. I should write a limerick!

Please forgive my tardy brain

I should go out, but what a pain!

I just fell asleep

My dreams to keep

I want to go to sleep again!

Grey man

Grey man,

Carved stone

Oak leaves

And acorns

Sculpted from granite

A Robin

Might peck at you

Ivy entwine you

Algae wrap you in green

Lichen inhabit you

Stone you are

Soil you may become

With age and ice

Weather and water

Till ground into a powder

You are amalgamated

And your stone face

Is incorporated

Transformed and metamorphosised

Into a real tree.