THUD! Patter, patter, patter……


On my kitchen roof

Bouncing around,

Pesky magpies and pigeons.

I like them,

Don’t get me wrong,

But just as I’m about to

Pour a coffee

THUD patter patter,

Or get the bread out of the oven…

THUD patter patter

Delicately lining up some icing

THUD! Patter…. Patter!

Do you have to?

You make me jump…



IMG_20190702_020515_158ello, ow art yow?

I’m reet tired duck.

Why’s that my dear Mon?

Been down’t farm t’feed heffers

Check t’ ducks ‘n’ chuckhens

Made some chayse,

Layd a hedge

Milked t’owd goat

Brought in’t corn,

Flailed t’ barley

walked ower t’ orchard

Brung sum coookin apples owm.

Made a napple pye fer tea.

Then strode down tut pub

fer a pint of scrumpy cyder.

Drank tow much

Cayme owm legliss

Fell ower.

Slept in’t oss trough.

But I’m fine.


Hello July


As June turns into July

I see a bird rise up to fly

I see a cloud floating past

and a flag upon a mast.

I see buttered scones

and currant buns,

Ice cream cones

and happy mums,

dozing cats all curled, asleep

The carp from its pond does peek

People rest and take their ease.

Buzzy are the drones of bees.

Now that summers at its height

Feel the Sun in its might.