Little ring

Not again! This silly little ring just fell off again. My fingers on my right hand must be getting thinner (my left always feels swollen), it means when I wash my hands the ring can slide off. Today it ended up in the washing up bowl. You will say take it off? But if I do I might not remember where I put it!

I think I will buy a slightly smaller ring to hold it in place, or maybe discard it completely. It’s only a cheap copper thing with a blue bead, but it was a gift from a friend and I like it.

Back to singing

🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶

After a couple of weeks off I went back to choir practice tonight. I still have a tickly cough and every time I tried to sing with any volume it set it off. It’s annoying because it’s hard to harmonise with a growly voice! It was throwing it down with rain, but there was a good attendance there. The first thing that happened though was I shook my hands because they were wet from the rain running down them from my coat, and the three rings on my right little finger shot off my hand and into a dark corner. I wouldn’t have realised that it had happened but they twinkled as they fell. Luckily the choir leader had a torch so I found them with a couple of other choir members help. I’ve lost weight and my fingers have got a bit thinner. Anyway, despite the problem with losing my rings, and the croaky voice, I’m glad I went out. It’s such a nice atmosphere there.

From bad to worse?

Not this one…

But while I was having tea tonight I realised one of my rings was missing. One hubby had given me on our anniversary a few years ago. I’d had to wait for it because the one in the shop was a size too big. I eventually got it, gold with some diamond chips.

I suddenly looked down at my hand and felt something was missing. I did a double take and squinted, not realising it was gone. Just thinking it had shrunk….?

Searching, in bins, no, going through the recycling, no, but it must have slid off. I’ve lost a bit more weight and all my rings are getting loose. In the pedal bin, no, in the kitchen, on the floor? No…. Panic, where was it. Coat pockets, no, dressing gown pocket? No. Another bad thing today… Looked on the floor and swept up. No. Can’t vacuum incase it gets sucked up.

I remember a senior manager getting some students to search for her diamond ring through full vacuum cleaner bags! That was years ago.

Oh where are you? Handbag, got a torch… A GLINT of GOLD!

Oh great!!! I won’t need to contact the places we visited, or our insurance.

Where is it now? On my other little finger, crammed between two other ones. Hopefully safe now.

On repeat

He can’t hear

I repeat

Sorry, what?

I repeat..

Cars on fire?!

No dress for hire

I repeat.

I repeat

Come for a walk?

We need to talk

I repeat

Understand me

I seek

But all the time

It’s like I’m a mime

On repeat

Hearing loss

Is loss for both

Speaker and listner

I repeat

‘I love you’.

And repeat….


I have just been shopping, for the first time in a week. But really I’ve only been out a few times in a month through ill health. The trouble is the superstore I go to was refurbished in the summer and because I’ve been going to a cheaper, smaller, super market I don’t know where things are. It took me about half an hour to get eight things! I used to be able to go in and get what I wanted in about five to ten minutes. Now I have to search. Plus they have added a lot more self checkouts. I prefer the manned tills, but there were big queues today so I used the self checkout. I had several ‘unexpected item in the bagging area’ situations. Partly because I took my own bag and it didn’t like it. Then it kept telling me to put the last item back in the basket? A woman manning the checkouts had to come over and sort out the computer screen. Oh for old fashioned checkout people. I went home and vowed not to go out again tonight.


Five hours searching paperwork. I’ve still nof found everything I need. I have got to get some information in by the end of this month but can I find it? Can I Heck! It’s always the same. I put things away somewhere I think it will be safe, but then I’ve lost it a year or so later. So frustrating. I also blame the fear of identity theft. I keep more documents than I need to because I don’t want to put anything that identifies us in the waste bin. I should shred things but my shredder gets too hot so it doesn’t get used very often.

Which Saint so I pray to, to find things? Is it the Saint of lost causes?

Missing painting

When we went up to my sisters house last week I looked for the painting I had done her for her birthday. She passed away a few weeks ago and I would like to retrieve this and a painting of a lobster I also did for her. Unfortunately the house is full of things, she was like me, a collector of all sorts of things, and I have no idea where she has put them. I feel like I should ask her family for them back unless they want them themselves. So much to sort out. So sad to not have her in my life anymore.

Riot outside Leopard Hotel…

Still proud of this mural that I painted in the Leopard Hotel in Burslem in about 2006 or 2007. The hotel burnt down earlier this year ans all my murals were destroyed. Someone asked if the murals had been removed from the building? No they were painted directly onto the wall with emulsion paint. These were some of my favourite works and I was devastated when they went up in smoke. The root crowd included local people and staff of the Leopard Hotel plus my hubby. A lady called Margaret Moxom used an image of it for her book. The riot was in 1842 and a man was shit dead during it.