Me and her


We were friends, twenty years ago, me and her, inseparable. I painted us together, and remember her with fondness. She was so bright. She understood me. She pounced when I threw a ball for her. Jumped when I tapped the wall outside. Purred so happily. She was my soul mate.

This weekend two friends lost their cats to illness. It reminded me of how felines can be so loving. They may sometimes be aloof, but a glance of joy from there eyes is enough to entrance you. Cats are bright, sneaky and sharp.

Never underestimate a cat.


Farewell old friend.


I found this posted onto a friends story on Facebook this morning.

I knew she had been ill and had come home from hospital, but because my friend lived in America it was not as easy to keep in touch.

We had spoken over the Internet early last year. I probably should have called he more often. But life gets in the way. I admired her art. I first met her on the Internet at a website called Sketchfu. The site is long gone, but we discussed art and drew pictures and enjoyed our artistic friendship. We both then joined a site called Muzy, which also closed. But a friendship had been made and stuck.

In later years she posted her art to Instagram. Her work was full of beautiful drawings of women and lovely landscapes. All drawn with soft and thin layers of bright colours.

Now she is gone. I won’t see her art anymore. At least a message was posted telling us she has gone. A friend lost. I mourn her passing.

Don’t you know?


Don’t you know I love you?

Don’t you know I care about you?

It’s bleak out here

It’s cold and grey.

My heart is lost, broken, destroyed.

It hurts that you don’t care,

It hurts that you’ve gone away,

You are here in body but not in spirit,

You changed before my eyes

Your memory has glazed over

Milky white, foggy, out of focus

I can’t break in, I can’t get close

I still love you

Won’t you remember to love me too?