I’m in another group of artists who come u with challenges to post to every week. The pictures don’t have to be recent (thankfully). This was for #safari, I painted it about four years ago and it went to the local ‘Lions’ club which is a local charity. What else can I say? It’s acrylic on canvas, about A4 size. I don’t paint every single hair or piece of fur, but I try and get an impression of how the animal looks. I generally do cat and dog portraits but am not too bad at most animals x

Relaxed cat

Cat next to a box of my minature paintings that I did a few years ago. He’s come in from the cold. He knocked the cat flap door off again (his tummy is too big for it sometimes). He’s not exactly fat, just big, huge, massive! You can see he’s at least as big as the box. He takes up most of a seat on our three seater settee. He is a handsome cat, with golden, yellow eyes. Such a cool character.

Snoring cat 🙀!

The cat that came in from the cold.. Our outside cat is mostly indoors now. He’s grown into a big cat. He’s getting portly and sometimes when he sleeps he snores! He is outside in the garden in the day but when it gets dark he sleeps on the arms of our armchairs on a cushion. He’s very sweet and purrs at me and makes cute miraow noises when I feed him. He’s lovely and the other two cats tolerate him well. I make sure they all get loved. I suppose I felt sorry for him because he was abandoned and he needed looking after.

Cat flap fixed again…

Oh dear! When I got up this morning I found the clear flap part of the cat flap and it’s surround on the floor inside the back door. Clearly our big cat had come through and must have got it stuck round his belly. Luckily I fixed the flap last week so I know which bits to press on to open it up and re-fit the flappy part…. I tried to adjust it… He’s just come back in. Seems OK at the moment, but I don’t want to have to keep putting it back together again!

Big cat

Ex-outside cat slept on the stairs last night. He sometimes sleeps on our bed now but instead he was halfway down and I almost stood on him. He is very big and was lying on about two thirds of the step. Luckily I just saw him in time. He is a real character, when we are in the living room he sits between the arms of the chairs we sit on. He seems to really want to be with us. I hope we have completely gained his trust.

Since he moved in with us he’s put on weight and become much calmer. He seems to be very settled with us now. He also gets on well with our other two cats despite him being twice the size of our small female cat. I can’t imagine a time without cats.

Outside cat is huge!

I just noticed that the outside cat (seen here inside) is almost as big as my trumpet case. This gives you an idea of the scale of him! He’s got used to knocking on the cat flap now. He could walk through it as we have it set to coming in only, but I think he would struggle to squeeze through!

Tonight he was lying on the two arms of our armchair, on a cushion placed between the arms. He had his paws and his face on my hand. He was dreaming and his head and ears were twitching, his claws stuck in my hand at one stage. Then he woke up and went to the back door. He only stays in for a couple of hours, unless he’s deeply asleep. No doubt he will be back in an hour or so.



Lion painting

This was a painting I did for the local Lions group in 2019. I paint cats, but not big cats, so it was something a bit different. I’ve seen art where people paint each individual hair on an animal but I am more impressionistic and try and get feeling into my paintings, to give them character. This is another acrylic on canvas. I’m glad he went to a good home.

By the way did you know that occasionally female lions grow mains too? Interesting fact.

Lion sketch


I went to Etruria Artists today and was asked to draw lions as we were having a little drawing challenge and the group has a lion as a mascot.

I could have looked at a photo but I wanted to see if I could draw a lion from memory. What I ended up with was a lion / bear hybrid I think! I called it bearly a lion.

Colours used were gellato crayons (I think they are called) with metallic shades. They are a bit like lipsticks and can be drawn with, smudged and have water added to them to make them flow. I used a black ink pen to draw the thin lines. It’s a curious big cat.


Big cat


A recent painting that has gone to a good home. I love painting animals and people. I think I’m reasonably good at capturing a close image of what I’m trying to portray. I’m not a super or photo realist, but I try and be as accurate as I can be.

Next year I would  like to do some more commissions, and they can be of just about anything. I enjoy the challenge.