He’s better

He’s better, his eye will never completely heal but he can finally go out again for the first time in weeks.

I’m still keeping him in at night, especially now the nights are getting dark earlier. It’s also getting colder at night. There may be a frost in Scotland tonight.

But that means he can carry on recovering without hurting himself. Fingers crossed he will get even better. X

Getting better

I finally got a photo of the cats eye… Its still red, but the iris is showing more clearly now and the transparency is coming back a bit although it is still slightly cloudy. His eye looks wet as I had just put the drops in. I will keep looking after him (he hates it, he really does squirm). He should be going down the vets in the morning.

Cats Eye

Take a photo of your cats eye said the vet on Tuesday. Then we will be able to compare how it’s changing.

Good idea, the cat injured its eye when it disappeared (trapped in a shed /garage) and they need to know if it’s improving. But, my cat keeps closing his eyes when I go near. Either in a friendly way, or because I’m advancing on him with eye drops.

So, all I can say is that it is improving slowly. He’s avoided having the drops a few times and he’s managed to lick out the antibiotic tablets I’m giving him a few times. It’s frustrating but I just have to do what I can. X

Cat update

My cat is making slow progress but I hope he’s on the mend. He went missing the Wednesday before last and came back on Thursday. He was gone eight days. His paws and legs were covered in a tarry substance. He had hurt his mouth and has an ulcerated eye.

He has eye drops and antibiotics, he’s only able to eat soft food (not much) because of his mouth. He’s always been fussy over food so it’s hard to get him to eat anything. I’ve tried pate type cat foods, cat soup, soft and tiny bits of meat (sorry any vegetarians).

It’s taking time to nurse him so I might not be here much over the next few days. X