No toes…

Our cat looked cute, but hubbies foot in a sandal was in the top right corner of the picture. I decided to try and hide it. I used my sketch app on my phone. Using the ‘chalk’ pen tool and the colour picker option. I carefully chose colours that corresponded with the parts of the mat that needed redrawing. I also drew over a metal tin that was in the bottom right of the picture. The chalk option was good because it gives a more mottled pattern to the mat. It’s not perfect but I’m reasonably happy.

Wet cat

He came in, soaking wet, plonked himself down without even a cat lick, and went to sleep. This cats not bothered, he just wants a rest after being out all day. I think he’s been mooching, playing in the rain with my other two cats, like a little pride of lions. Sometimes they chase each other up and down the trees. Getting excited and playing at who can climb the highest. Onto shed and house roofs. Then they come in, eat and sleep.


I used to whistle a lot when I first started working, usually because I was happy. Then someone said to me ‘a whistling woman and a crowing hen brings the devil right out of his den!’, they didn’t think whistling was ladylike.

I didn’t whistle much at work after that. But I had a tune that I would whistle to call in our cats and have used it ever since we started keeping them. It’s a short tune, but I think it gives them an idea of where I am. It also is high pitched so that it cuts through the traffic noise instead of shouting which can get jumbled up with other voices.

I kept whistling the tune when one of our cats went missing. I didn’t know if he could hear me but I hoped he knew I was calling him. After eight days he came back, very thin and ill, but I think the whistling helped him know he was wanted.

Certainly most of my cats listen to my whistle and come when called. Only one ignored it. She would come to the back door then ignore me. As if to say, you are not my mistress! I’ve found one of them will jump up on my lap when I whistle and another gives a loud purr-miaow when I whistle at him.

Whistling is a challenge. I like trying to recreate bits of classical music, like the flight of the bumblebee or old hymns. As I just tried that the cat lying down on my right lifted his head, went purr-miaow and went back to sleep again!

Handsome boy cat

With his golden eyes, he stares at me. Gazing up, black and white cat with cattitude! He wants to get up on the chair arm but there were things in the way. As soon as I moved them he jumped up and curled up next to me. I think the heat is getting to us all. It’s slightly cooler today but still hot for our fur covered friends. Now he’s purring, golden eyes closed….

Just as I wrote I that he jumped off the chair arm!

Cat time

Cat time, time for your cat. To love them, feed them, play with them, let them ignore you, hide from you. Disagree with your choice of food for them. Accept that sometimes they will bring you unwanted ‘presents’. They go away for a few days, just so they can worry you. Eat your food off your plate, ignore the toys and treats you get them. Sitting in empty boxes so you can’t throw them away.

When your cat friend scratches or bites you it’s probably because you have been a bit heavy handed or frightened them. It’s always better to be gentle. Remember that a cat is probably a fifty or hundred times smaller than you! They have interesting and intelligent abilities, it’s good to find out about them. X

Cat coming in

Head up, he sees me. Murrup, purr, miaow he says in greeting. Coming in for a bit of food and a drink. Sometimes he sits next to me and reaches his paws out. Just touching my hand on the arm of the chair. He’s saying hello, I’m here. Sometimes he curls up between us and goes to sleep. Then another cat comes in, looks up lovingly. This one jumps up on my knee and starts kneading and poddling with sharp claws. He settles on my leg next to the big cat, he’s medium sized and slightly older than the first. Finally she comes in, claws up into my leg, stretching and yawning, a little nervous around my hubby, dodging his hand but then head butting mine. Three cats, love them all.

Wet cat

Like a stone hung from a chain, I can tell the weather by our cat.

Wet cat, it’s raining

Cat looks white, snowing

Cat covered in white dots? Hailing

Cat hot to the touch? Sunny

Cat in a cloud? Foggy

Cat with hair on end? Windy or angry!

OK, silly post! I wrote it because the cat just came in and he’s as wet as an otter in a stream (exaggeration)! ❤️