Another cat in a box

Grainy, blurry photo of my female cat. I had a printmaking kit delivered and I’ve just taken it out of the box so I left it there for the cats. It’s dark in here as I’m saving electricity and just have a couple of lamps on. I don’t need much light.

She’s a beautiful, delightful cat, mother of at least four kittens that we rehomed. She was pregnant when we took her in as a rescue cat but we got her spayed and she has lots of fun now. Her latest trick now is chasing my dressing gown belt. I’ll be walking through the kitchen and have to stop because she’s caught it with her claws!

Cats on boxes

A comfy sofa, a place to curl up and sleep.. But my cat loves boxes. Open or closed. If it’s made of cardboard he will lie on it or sleep in it! Forget cat beds, I’ve got three or four, but apart from one very enclosed covered over one he would rather sleep on a box.

I’m expecting a bit of rivalry though, the space next to this box has a towel on it that my other boy cat has been sleeping on. When he comes in I will see what happens.

Cat again

Big head, tiny paws. An example of foreshortening. Those dark eyes do stare at me. You have to be a mind reader sometimes with cats. But they are persuasive. In this case its his ‘feed me…’ look. Then when he’s eaten he’ll be back out through the cat flap. Padding around in the dark, exploring his territory.

You know, cats are sneaky. They get humans round their little paws. They are incredible cheeky creatures!

Cat, black and white.

Two photos of one of the cats. There are lots of clashing colours on our setee so I chose a black and white filter to unify them. It also creates a more obvious wave pattern in the crocheted background. The pictures are slightly blurred bacause he was moving as I took them. He’s got beautiful gold coloured eyes. As I write this he is lying down and snoring!

Two cats asleep

My two boy cats last night, sleeping on an armchair and on the arms between the two armchairs. I’d got up to get a drink because I couldn’t sleep again. First one came up to say hello, after he’d been cuddled he went to sleep on the chair where the bigger cat usually sleeps. Then the big cat came in and seeing his usual space was taken jumped up next to me on the chair arms. Eventually he settled down too. It’s so good to see them getting on so well. The big one could bully the others but he doesn’t, they all three are pretty respectful of one another. If you are wondering where the third one, the small female was, she was upstairs curled up in the cupboard!

Two hours to go

Not really clock watching, but the neighbours just let off a lot of very loud fireworks and it’s nowhere near midnight yet! Two of the cats were out. One ran in, tail all fluffed up, but the other (big) one is still out! I shouted a few times but he didn’t come in. Hubby went looking, no sign. I just hope he wsdnt too scared. Did I say they were loud? About twenty rockets, one after another. I wish people would consider pets. And if they are going to let them off choose quiet ones. I still remember being at my mom’s house one new years eve. Some fireworks went off and we looked out of the front door… Suddenly a Robin flew in and upstairs! It would not go out until the fireworks stopped!


The cat is gently snoring next to me. I wonder why he snores? None of my other cats ever have. He doesn’t appear to be ill. His nose is warm and dry, he doesn’t have any discharge. He is big and slightly overweight. But he’s also fast and able to look after himself, we often see him leaping around the garden and recently he’s started playing with cat toys.

After being abandoned and left to fend for himself he stayed in our garden until we adopted him, I guess he’s bound to have some health problems. But he does not like being picked up. I have tried getting him in a cat carrier before now and severely regretted it. If the snoring gets worse he will have to go to the vets. But at the moment I will forgive his mild snoring. X