Big little kitty

This cat is big! He’s the biggest cat we’ve ever had. And yet he’s gentle and much more loving than he was when we first took him in.

He was known as ‘the outside cat’ at first. But we gave him a name and gradually he touched our hearts. He had been abandoned by his previous owners and was thin and a bit standoffish at first. For a long time he was outside and my other two cats stayed inside, they were rescues and we didn’t want them to stray onto the main road. We were also concerned they might catch something from the new cat.

I can’t believe how long it’s been since we let him in the house, and the other two out. Basically I would lock the cat flap so he could come in to eat but I would have to let him out so the two couldn’t go. But even then he was getting bigger and he would push and push on the cat flap until he broke it! We glued the split cat flap back together with a layer of plastic and sellotape. But eventually I got another flap and cut it down so the door to it would fit into the original mechanism.

Since then, this cat has thrived. He jumps up between us when we ask, he’s gentle with the other two (he eats as much as both of them put together though!). I love them all, but he has a special place in my heart.


There is a saying ‘in like a lamb, out like a lion’ (and vice versa) when it comes to March weather. We also talk about March winds.

After a very dry February, March has turned wild. It started quietly, but as the month has progressed the rain and wind has blown in over the Atlantic, causing low pressure systems to scud over us with record levels of rain falling.

Last night the wind was howling, one of the cats ran in, his coat glistening with rain. He looked like an otter that was just out of a river! He slept under the cover of my chair, like it was a little cave to keep warm in. He knows when to stay warm despite seemingly loving the awful weather.


I saw some catnip for sale today, I usually get the cats catnip toys, but this was a bag of shredded plant material.

Basically the cats loved it. They all rolled about and snuffed it. One of them started chewing my slipper…while I was wearing them. He even chewed at my trouser leg. He also started playing and chewing my straps on my sandals. He ended up rolling round on his back where he’d scattered the catnip on the carpet, he had got underneath the towel I’d put it on and spilt it on the floor.

Now? He’s sleeping like a baby like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth!


Which animal would you compare yourself to and why?

If I could I’d be a cat

Eight meals a day

But still not fat

Treats on demand

From my owners hand

A bed in each room

For me to groom

And fall asleep

Warm and comfortable

Under the table

Or on the windowledge

Watching nature

Then outside

To chase leaves

And hide.

Big cat

For the first time ever our big cat sat on my hubby’s knees! He as an abandoned cat and we have looked after him for five years. Gradually over that time he has become more appreciative of being stroked. He used to just sit on the chair arms between us, but now he’s venturing further. He’s a sweet cat, and he’s very big, but very gentle. He will tell you when he doesn’t like something. He rarely likes being lifted up, but he’s much calmer now. He loves his food and he’s quiet around our other two cats. I love them all….