Sitting at my feet, staring up, whiskers showing me how keen he is for me to feed him! He looks thin in this photo, but he’s a really big but soft cat. His nose was scratched by another cat outside because he’s not a fighter. He does let other cats bully him. His nose is healed up now. But I keep an eye on him because sometimes he will get a bit battered. Now he’s walking past me and purring. He wants breakfast…

Mat for a cat

I had to buy a new mat today, the old one was worn out. The cats love it, they have burrowed underneath it, scratched their claws on it, played with a tiny toy and a ball, (both under the sofa now). The mat is where we walk by the sofa and one of the cats has decided he wants to sleep on it, but as I’m walking backwards and forwards over it he’s had to move. No doubt he will sleep there tonight! The cat will be sleeping on the mat. X

Cat asleep

One of my cats sleeps on the armchair arms between me and my hubby. He’s there now curled up. Snoring and purring. He’s a big strong cat, and he knows what he wants and where he wants to sleep. In a while he will be sitting by his cat food bowl (not rattling it, just staring at me, eyes half closed), then when he’s ready he will explore the garden and come in again later when we have gone to bed. Sometimes he sleeps half way up the stairs, then we have to watch out incase we step on him, you can see the problem, thank goodness he has a white patch on his back!

A dear friend

I painted my cat sitting at the top of the stairs behind a flower pot several years ago. I just saw this on my Facebook memories as I no longer own the painting. She was a very loving cat and lived to at least twenty years old. (She was a stray when we took her in). She was very clever and used to ride on my shoulders when I walked round the house or the garden. I’ve painted and drawn many of my cats but she was the one I painted the most. X

Little paws

Foreshortening does things like making my cats head look large and her paws small. It’s because the main focus of the photo is her head and everything else is further away from the lens including the paperweights, which are actually almost as big as her head. They are all in focus because of the depth of field. (the distance from the lens that stays in focus when you take a picture). The photo was taken on my mobile phone. If I had taken a picture at about the middle of her body I think everything would have been more in proportion. You can use the position of your camera phone to get interesting effects.


Facebook memory, cheered me up. Three of the black and white kittens our female cat had. She was a rescue cat, and her previous owner mentioned she might be pregnant. I think they must be over five years old now, they all went to good homes. I miss them, but if we had kept them there would have been six cats in the house, which was too many for us. But as far as I know they are all safe and happy. X

A few cat photos

Two of my cats, the big one and the medium one. Both very happy, the little one has gone outside. The sun’s been shining and their coats are gleaming in the light. The big cat came up and tried to sniff the phone as I took his photo, you can really see how that affects the view, making his head look a lot larger than his body. I love looking after my moggies. They make me feel a lot happier.

Prompt was exercise

Sundays #bandofsketchers prompt was exercise. I haven’t been doing much exercise recently so I wasn’t sure what to do. I watched my cat chasing a ball and so I decided to draw her playing. I think it counts as exercise? Not a brilliant drawing but it’s hard to draw a cat moving so fast!