Asleep on the stairs

Beware! Early morning hazard on the stairs. As the days and nights get warmer I think he sleeps on the stairs because there is a cool draught of air descending down them. It does make navigating them difficult for us. Thankfully I have two handrails and I walk carefully anyway. Rushing down (or up) could lead to a serious fall. I am also happy that he has a prominent white mark across his back which makes him more visible against our charcoal grey carpet (which the cats are pulling loose). Early morning perambulation is done at our own risk! Meanwhile he’s snoring quietly, curled up, a step full of fur asleep on the stairs.

Cat on the bed

Heat seeking cat… I went to the bathroom and came back to this! He must have snuck in while I was downstairs. Made himself at home, comfy and warm and in my spot! It isn’t helping my insomnia, but he looks so cozy I don’t want to just kick him off! But I guess he will have to move or I will be relegated to my old armchair! He’s so sweet, he’s stretched out his paws and put them next to my hand… Now he’s rolled over to show his belly! Sweet, and cheeky cat!

Wound up

How do you unwind after a demanding day?

You have to relax and unwind sometimes. But it can be difficult. Those that know me will understand that I use art to relax me. I draw or sketch. But the problem is that I can already be too wound up to begin drawing. Sometimes I will try and do some breathing exercises, six breaths in, hold for three, six out, hold for three. I do that for a few minutes to calm my breath. I learnt it from yoga class.

My worst situation for unwinding is when I go to bed. I suffer from various health issues and try various techniques to relax. Breathing, or trying to see a golden healing light when I close my eyes. The imagined light enters your head as you breathe in and descends to your feet, then as you breathe out it travels back up and out of your head. It’s hard to describe, but it sometimes works. Imagination is a good thing, learning to control thoughts. I’m hoping it might help my insomnia, even if it’s only a slight improvement….

Other times I just look at my phone. It’s really bad I know, but I go into my own little world and ignore the rest of it. I switch off my mind to my hubbys voice sometimes. I think its rude of me, but I feel cocooned and detached from worries. Maybe not the best thing to do.

The painting of the governor is an example of my work, where I spent hours painting it, concentrating until my hands and shoulders ached. Mentally unwound, but perhaps physically the opposite!

Magnetic bags?

What is it about cats and bags? I caught the cat trying to get his head in a small paper bag yesterday, it hadn’t had food in it but he was intrigued anyway. They like the cloth bags from the local supermarket, but even get in the orange plastic carrier bags if I leave them on the sofa while I’m unloading the groceries. Sometimes though if I use the bag again they go off it (it must smell different).

What other things do they sleep on or in? Cat beds, a cat tree, cushions and chair throws, basically wherever they want and can fit. Occasionally they even sleep on the sofa or our chairs, but that’s usually after we have gone to bed. Yeah, cats rule round here!

Oh my toes!

I’ve noticed my big toes are hurting again. They really are sore and when I try and sleep at night I have to pull the covers off them because the pressure of the duvet on them hurts and keeps me awake. Then I have to try and cover them up a bit because they get cold!

I was diagnosed with gout in my feet, then thumb a couple of years ago but I forgot. I’ve got quite a few things wrong with me and I don’t always remember all of them. I just keep taking the tablets. I hope I don’t moan about things too much, but sometimes things are maddening. But insomnia is debilitating, anything that can help me get to sleep and stay asleep would be good. Sometimes meditation takes my mind off things, perhaps I will try that tonight…

Cat on stairs

The cat came in and plonked himself down to sleep in a quiet place last night, partway up the stairs! He settled down to snooze, which was fine, but at bedtime, he was in the way. However cats have pride of place here, so because there was room to put a foot next to him we let him be. Then during the night I had to come downstairs a couple of times. He was still there, curled up. Luckily he has a white band across his back so I could see he was there. This morning? Still having a kip. I gave him a couple of cat treats which he ate. We are letting him be, I checked and could see no injuries so he must just be tired. X

Flopped cat!

He came in out the rain, jumped up on the chair arm and flopped down next to me. Head hanging down by my knee. So comfortable and relaxed. He wasn’t fully asleep though. As soon as I took his photo he decided to move.

All three of our cats were within a few feet of each other earlier on. I think it’s because we are just having a couple of heaters on in the living room to save energy. So they are huddling a bit to keep warm. Mi d you I’ve got the living room light on for a change. Sometimes it’s like living in a cave when we just have a couple of lamps on. I can imagine myself doing paintings of cats on the walls, like cave paintings. X

The cat found a box

We got a package today in a cardboard box. Before you could say Jack Robinson, one of the cats had co-opted it as a snug, draft free bed. I don’t know how long it will last. He’s slightly too big for it and one of the sides is a bit loose. He’s just lain down after having a good wash. Snuggling and curling, paw over nose.

What makes cats nest? You see them on videos, squeezing into tiny spaces, climbing into holes in virtually anything including empty washing machines!