The cat found a box

We got a package today in a cardboard box. Before you could say Jack Robinson, one of the cats had co-opted it as a snug, draft free bed. I don’t know how long it will last. He’s slightly too big for it and one of the sides is a bit loose. He’s just lain down after having a good wash. Snuggling and curling, paw over nose.

What makes cats nest? You see them on videos, squeezing into tiny spaces, climbing into holes in virtually anything including empty washing machines!

Cat on the bed

Nice to go upstairs and find a cat snuggled on the bed. It was different with one of our old cats though. She would crawl under the covers so you didn’t know she was there until she nipped your toe or ankle! This one sometimes gets under the sheets for a few minutes when I’m already in bed, a quick few purrs then I think she gets too hot and goes off into her hidey hole in the wardrobe where I have an old crocheted blanket. I’m glad we have cats.

I wish I had a cats fur coat

He’s snug, warm, as a bug in a rug, he gets curled up in a ball and he’s happy, he snores, puts his paw over his nose, and might be in the warmest tog sleeping bag or under a heavy duvet. Cats have a luxury coat that we humans don’t. We still have hairs and hair follicles, but as we wear clothes we don’t need a fur pelt. I wonder what came first, clothes or bald patches?

Cats still find warm places to sleep though. Usually on our bed. When it gets really cold they sneak under the duvet and snuggle up. They make a fair hot water bottle. The best thing is how they can sense your mood, sometimes they seem to be mind readers!

He bought me… The Moon

My hubby bought me the Moon yesterday. He knows I love astronomy. It’s a light that is domed so it looks like one side of the moon. It has a remote control and goes through phases as you press one of the buttons or scrolls through them if you press the other button, slowly waxing and waning as you watch it. It’s not astronomically accurate, just a rough surface with vague craters and marès painted on it. It’s only a nightlight, I put it in the bedroom and tried to read by it but it’s just too dim. But good for getting up in the middle of the night because it’s not too bright so it won’t wake my hubby up. X

Will I sleep?

Now I lay me down to sleep, will I find the peace I seek? Last night I slept for two hours, stayed awake for three, then caught two more hours by their shirt tails. Dragged into and out of nervous dreams. Unsatisfied by my minds play and twists. I don’t remember them, but I think the dreams woke me, a flavour or a smell or a shape lifting me from slumber. Spending the day tired and aching. Wonder if I will repeat tonight? I hope not, but I’m overtired and grumpy, aching and yawning!

Sleeping arrangements

One of the cats came and slept on me last night. I don’t know if it was for warmth (probably) or comfort. He lay with his head on my hand and gently purred. The only problem was when I had to get up to go to the bathroom. As I shifted position he moved down by my feet. That was good, so I had a cup of coffee before I went back to bed. But then it was difficult to get back in bed. I tried to slide across the mattress but my feet and knees were bent uncomfortably. The cat didn’t move, so I slowly straightened my legs, but I knew it would come to a point when I would have to push him down the bed. Then our female cat came in the bedroom. She jumped up and the male cat jumped down…. I breathed a sigh and straightend my legs, what a relief !


After a fitful night I must have finally got to sleep about 7am. So at midday it was annoying to be woken up by my hubby asking if I wanted a cup of tea. I had been in the middle of a lovely dream and I tried to catch the end of it….. the question came again, tea or coffee? Argh! I was dreaming I said. What were you dreaming about. I replied ‘biscuits’! Why? I have no idea! My hubby burst out laughing and carried on for five minutes!

I think my moon sketch looks like a chocolate chip cookie at the moment! ❤️