Sleep help

Your mind is muddled, thoughts roll over and through your mind. Repeating over and over the things that went wrong in the day. Things pop into your mind from years ago. This is never ending, you start watching your alarm clock as minutes or hours tick by….

Then you remember, someone told you think of the word ‘THE’ nothing else, just ‘the’… Think of it slowly, over and over again…

Why? I think it’s because the word ‘the’ has no connotations, nothing to cling onto, while you are thinking ‘the’ you can’t think of anything else. It helps block roiling thoughts, and you just drift off to sleep. Honestly, over the last two months it has really helped. I don’t even remember drifting off, but then I sleep quite well….


I woke up last night about three am and I swear I thought someone was talking to me! But it was a garbled sound, so I couldn’t tell what the words were? Then I realised it was possibly me (or my hubby) talking in our sleep. But in the small hours it’s hard to decide what is going on. Sleep and dreams change to wakefulness slowly sometimes.

So I came downstairs to get a cup of cocoa and to try and unstress. I sat down with the cat and tried to take my mind off things. I watched lots of silly videos about American politics and people for a while (why is content overwhelmingly American?). But after boring my mind for an hour I went back to bed.

So I had overcome being spooked by my mind, but some of the things online could equally spook you, some very strange ideas!

Cat came in

The cat just came in, had some food, then collapsed in a heap on the floor, snoring loudly. He’s placed himself in the way so I will have to step over him when I go back to bed (came down for a drink). He can relax anywhere. Meanwhile the middle sized cat is sleeping near my feet and the small cat just came in and ran upstairs after having some food. I think turning the kitchen lights on signals to them I am up and about.

My cat snores

When he’s properly asleep his paws twitch, so do his whiskers, and he snores.

It’s a regular rasping noise, and it’s not loud, but I can hear it. It’s good that he’s deeply asleep, dreaming of chasing things. Leaping up on fences and shed roofs. Paws twitch as he runs through the garden in his sleep. Sometimes a purr escapes instead of the snore. He was homeless for a while but he has come into our hearts. For a long time he was the ‘outdoor cat’, but no more. Fully integrated and full of snores and warmth.

Wet cat

He came in, soaking wet, plonked himself down without even a cat lick, and went to sleep. This cats not bothered, he just wants a rest after being out all day. I think he’s been mooching, playing in the rain with my other two cats, like a little pride of lions. Sometimes they chase each other up and down the trees. Getting excited and playing at who can climb the highest. Onto shed and house roofs. Then they come in, eat and sleep.

Sleep and dream.

Insomnia is a nuisance. It’s upset my sleep pattern for years. I still have trouble sleeping but someone told me a way of trying to alleviate the problem. I was told to think of the word ‘the’ to help me sleep. ‘the’ has nothing to latch onto, so while your brain is thinking of the word ‘the’ it’s hard to think of anything else. It actually seems to work for me.

It’s been a few weeks and I’ve actually found that I can get better sleep. My mind is sneaky though and as I’m starting to drift off it seems to insert the worries I’m trying to avoid, then I have to go back to ‘the’ again…. And sometimes again.

Another effect is that I’m having dreams, lots of them, I can’t remember them, but they seem quite interesting at the time. Maybe I should write them down.

Handsome boy cat

With his golden eyes, he stares at me. Gazing up, black and white cat with cattitude! He wants to get up on the chair arm but there were things in the way. As soon as I moved them he jumped up and curled up next to me. I think the heat is getting to us all. It’s slightly cooler today but still hot for our fur covered friends. Now he’s purring, golden eyes closed….

Just as I wrote I that he jumped off the chair arm!