Just tired


It’s been a busy few days with some ups and downs, on the whole things are OK, but things feel a bit flat. Like these leaves, just squashed by footsteps.

I was thinking about my worries and concerns earlier, but now I’ve thought a bit I realise I’m beating myself up before anything has actually happened. I guess it’s because I’m tired. I’ve set myself a lot of things to do, I’m fed up with sitting back and resting, I need to occupy my mind, but I’m not young anymore….. Well this is cheerful!

Talking to the world, is it listening?

Better go to bed

DSC_2334_optimized (7)

Better go to bed

I said

As sleep fell in my head.

Better try and sleep

And count some sheep..

Better lie down and rest,

Sleep time is the best..

Try and grab eight hours

Not wake as dawn flowers

Pink sky all lit up

My mind ready to wake up.

My world ready to break up

My life already shattered

Sleep is what mattered.

So better go to bed,

Before night has fled.

Circle three


A cat can curl up here,

Sit on my knee.

Or on the pile of washing,

Curled up and snug.


Dreaming of flying birds.

Thinking of whizzing leaves,

Warm and toasty,

Curled up and snug.


Winter shivers the bones,

Rain drips down necks,

Sun sets early,

Curled up and snug.


Food to eat and water to drink,

Warm and draft free

Thinking of sitting in a tree.

Curled up and snug…..

Red sky

Red sky this morning, harbinger of bad weather. An ex hurricane no less is on its way. Now the curl of wind and rain is arriving, heavy rain washing down the sides of the caravan, beating the roof. Trees bending in the prevailing wind so their branches form the characteristic bent double pose, like a person turning their back to the wind and leaning forward, head down to try and avoid being blown over.

Time to hunker down and keep warm while the storm whirls out to sea, its winds whipping up the waves. To shuffle as far as you can under the duvet until it is snatched away from you by human hands not the wind! Listening into the night for possible broken branches. (Only its more likely to be a damp squib as I’ve just heard on the weather forecast that it’s mainly going to track up the west coast of Ireland and the Irish Sea?)

My romantic idea of a dark and stormy night? So much for red skies in the morning!



I want to sleep, I need to sleep. The noise is keeping me awake. I drift off into slumber, but wake because I can hear the noise outside, loud shouts and broken bits of arguments. Screams and music. But I nod off- +bibb ghn – typed on the screen without my knowledge.

Sleep tries to take hold and yawns crack my face. The screen on my phone darkens and I have to dart out a finger to keep it on. So tired…… Then car doors bang, two men shouting obscenities, a woman shouts and screams to be let in. Bright light in my living room burns through my eyelids… Awake again…