This radiator is mine!


We have a cat tower and one of the trays on it is directly over a radiator. We have two cats but only one of them uses this tray. Slightly squashed she still loves it. The heat from the radiator must almost be cooking her! But she’s comfy, she likes staring out if the window, watching out for our outside cat when he stands by the backdoor.

I wish he could come in and get hot too. We’ve put in a heater in the shed so he can keep warm. That’s a long story…..

Cats are charming but cheeky, this one sticks her claws in me when she wants to wake me up on the morning. She sticks her paw under the cover and prods me with her paws until I wake up!



The cats can sleep

Why can’t I?

Aches and pains

Husbands feet

Went to bed

Just two hours sleep!

Up with the lark?

No, awake with the bat

I’m so tired

But I don’t know what?

Where is sleep,

The arms of morpheous,

To rest a whole night

Would be glorious!

Just drank some cocoa,

More in hope

Than expectation

Of getting a few hours


Zzzeds are needed

Tiredness exceeded

Brains a whir



Dawn chorus

Now I hear it stir,


Liquid, mellifluous….


I have none


Read through this cat!


Is your cat asleep on your Sunday paper? Snuggled up and warm? How can I possibly move him…. Two hours… Four hours.. Finally he went off for some food an I got the chance to read the paper.

I think cats can sleep up to 16 hours a day? well I might be wrong. Mine usually find the warmest spot and snooze. Sometimes when they are dreaming they twitch. That’s interesting to watch, whiskers and paws moving rapidly. Tail flicking. Ears moving. What interesting dreams they must have….

Cats are beautiful to paint, they are sleek and lithe. They make interesting shapes and are graceful. As you can tell I’m a fan.


Curled up cat


He’s sitting on my chair,

lying on my bed,

eating my food,

drinking my milk.

He’s taking the mickey,

having a laugh,

being very cheeky,

making me wait.

He knows I won’t move him,

won’t pick him up,

put his paws on the floor,

put him out of the door.

He’s a very lucky kitty,

sleeping on my chair,

he should be here..

and I should be there!

My day ran out


Night came out and I didn’t notice, busy doing things, running out of time. Moon and stars are up and shifting sideways, sliding like quick silver across the sky. Two minutes to midnight, almost bedtime. Maybe I’ll sleep tonight. Its January but its too warm. Finding it hard to sleep without throwing the bedding off me. When I’m feeling like this I don’t want the heating on.

Still it’s good to rest. Wake up before dawn. Sleep might come. Day is done.

Sharing my chest with a cat


Oof, my indoor cat has got more friendly recently, to be honest I think he’s trying to keep warm as I’m trying to use the heating less. When you have a warm jumper and a cat who needs heating? I’ve had a busy few days and I’m doing stuff again tomorrow so it’s nice to ‘warm’ rather than chill! I’m going out in a bit so he can’t stay but I will give him a cuddle when I come back. His sister likes a bit of a love but she won’t settle. She follows me round the house though.

This is what I want for our stray outside, a place to rest and be safe.