There is a saying ‘in like a lamb, out like a lion’ (and vice versa) when it comes to March weather. We also talk about March winds.

After a very dry February, March has turned wild. It started quietly, but as the month has progressed the rain and wind has blown in over the Atlantic, causing low pressure systems to scud over us with record levels of rain falling.

Last night the wind was howling, one of the cats ran in, his coat glistening with rain. He looked like an otter that was just out of a river! He slept under the cover of my chair, like it was a little cave to keep warm in. He knows when to stay warm despite seemingly loving the awful weather.

Sleepy and cold

It was very cold last night so I left the central heating on low. The sky had cleared and I think it was down to – 6°C last night. I was reading in bed, propped up under my moon nightlight, but I was sleepy. Suddenly Thud! The book had fallen on the floor and I had woken with a crick in my neck. I was cold and achy. The moon was clear and bright up in the sky, shining in through the window. Apparently last night there was a 20°C difference between the the coldest place in the UK, about – 16°C and the highest 4°C, so we were about a middling temperature.

Then I thought about anybody in an unheated house, or who are stuck outside in a tent or on the streets. What about them? I was in an old bed, in an old house, but I am so much luckier than a lot of people. Why is there such inequality?

Two cats

Cats sleeping, keeping warm. Sitting by the heater. One has pride of place, the other is trying to sneak closer. They are closer to each other than they used to be, they sniff noses and work out a friendly way of living together. Sometimes though they move from the heaters because they overheat I think, then they move even go and sit by the back door. They both watch the world through the catflap, a bit too cold to actually go outside. The smallest cat usually relaxes upstairs either on our bed or in a little cat bed in the other room. I wish she would be a bit more confident around the boy cats, but she has always been the nervous one.

Fell asleep!

Argh! I’ve been out all afternoon working on some paperwork and I got really tired. I should have gone out this evening, but I fell asleep and woke up a while ago, feeling dazed and confused as the saying goes. I don’t feel like going for a walk, I think I’m allowed a rest. I feel very guilty, but if I fall asleep I must be tired? I know I shouldn’t miss things but I couldn’t help it. Now I feel like sleeping again. I should write a limerick!

Please forgive my tardy brain

I should go out, but what a pain!

I just fell asleep

My dreams to keep

I want to go to sleep again!

Posting at 4am


And….. The insomnia has kicked in again! Achey arm, scringing toes, too warm, aching back. Thoughts whirl and I can’t rest. Thought of putting the radio on for quiet or white noise, but I can never retune the thing and if I have it on low my instinct is to struggle to hear the news. Plus my sleep aponea mask sometimes hisses in my face. I’ve had a new mask but the hose connecting it to the machine is the wrong size and sometimes disconnects if I turn over in bed. Sorry to moan…

Cat keeps warm

It’s hard to see, but one of our cats sleeps in front of our two oil filled radiators. He’s the biggest of our cats and has thick fur, but I think because he was abandoned and used to live outside, he’s taking advantage of the warmth he can get. It’s no problem to us as the heaters warm the whole room, and when he’s not there he’s usually outside in the cold. He really likes being out and about. One of the other two cats sleeps upstairs on a soft and fluffy bed or on the cat tree by the living room radiator, and the other one either sleeps on my chair, the sofa, or an igloo shaped bed in the living room. So basically they are all snug!