I can’t talk

There’s people I need to speak to, but as the days go on I get less likely to reach out. Its like I’m encapsulating myself against the whole world. Retreating into myself, hiding away? So nothing else can hurt me. Keeping busy where I have to, but really all I want is to put my head under the covers and escape from the world. Self protection, I hope it’s not selfishness. I don’t know if I will feel better soon. Am I being lazy? No, definitely not. Just torn apart.

The bricks….

Someone had taken off the plaster and replaced the bricks, you could see it, new mortar holding them in place. The house had been bought at auction, half refurbished, needing plasterboard and plaster. It wouldn’t take much to tidy it up ready for the rental market.

But Sam was nosey, she liked riddles, and as the wallwas double thickness and she wanted to fit an extra window, well why not put a lintle in and add the bathroom window here?

She decided to get her brother to help. They would support the top of the hole with a metal beam and then knock out the hole afterwards. They managed to get the beam in but it was late so they stopped.

Early next morning she went to the house. Picking up a sledge hammer she hit the wall where the new bricks were a couple of times, there was a crack and half a brick fell out. She could see, what? Plastic behind it. Someone had wrapped a package up and stuffed it into the gap between the layers of bricks. She hit the wall again, the bricks shattered and fell to the floor. She reached in…. A bag full of ten and twenty pound notes! What were they doing there. They were new style notes, the ones that look like plastic not paper.

Should she keep them? Should she hand them in? The phrase ‘finders keepers’ came into her mind…. Should she?

Dodgy man

Dodgy man! We came home today and saw a man looking in our hedge. We asked what he was doing and he said he was looking for a box he’d hidden there so his mum didn’t see it. He said it was a ring doorbell that he’d spent £80 on, but he’d panicked and hid it incase she found out he’d bought it. (he was very scruffy and dirty and said he’d been a tattooist but now he sits drawing outside sainsburys). I helped him look while hubby looked in the garden. I wanted to prove it wasn’t there mostly so he would go away. It’s worrying having people put things in the hedge. We have found stolen things in the past we have reported to the police! He eventually left. I felt sorry for him but it was dodgy! Hubby told him if he comes back we will have a ring the police.

Ivy fairy

Found in the garden under a bush. She was wrapped in ivy and laurel leaves. Lost in our garden. A wood fairy or sprite, turned not to stone, but sadly only resin. Still, she slowly danced through spring and autumn, summer and winter. Slowly submerged in vegetation. I’m glad she’s rescued. Now she’s in the yard, surrounded by petals and colours. Nasturtiums, petunias, fushias, begonias, a true flower fairy. Blooming lovely.

Hidden passion flower

Deep in the jungle of vegetation that is our back garden are a few passion flower plants. They were coming into bud over the last few days and at last one has flowered! It’s sitting next to a fushia plant and is on the ground. Another one is trained up the downpipe to the guttering and a third is trained along the trellis fence above the wall. The only worry is the hot weather and lack of water. We have been using a hosepipe but that is likely to be banned soon. That’s part of the reason why I hang the hanging baskets one above the other.. It drops through and waters the one below too..

Had to…

I saw a dragon

Hiding in plain sight

Standing by graffiti

Under a street light

But when I looked away

And looked again

I say!

The dragon it was gone

It decided not to stay!

I just wanted a pic

On my phone

But it was too quick!

So sadly all I have

Is its tail- just the tip

And a shower of loose scales

One of many epic fails!

Goodbye dragon

And now you’re gone!


The dragon stared, it looked out at me, the forest had hidden it until I got close. I didn’t know what to think? Where was it from? How had it got there? Was it real, mythical, mystical or magical.

I stood quietly. Waiting to see what happened. I didn’t have to wait long.

It spoke!

Who are you human? Why are you here? Its questions were the same as mine. Then it said, how can you see me? I am invisible!

Of course I replied that it was not. That I could see it perfectly. Then it said I must be young, or believe in stories. Grown ups rarely see dragons!

That’s how we became friends. A chance meeting. We had many adventures. I might tell them one day.