Fairy drawing


I drew this last night.  I interpreted my wire fairy as a real one (with embellishments). I wanted to get the picture to look like one of those adult colouring books. I drew the outlines first with a thin black pen, then I shaded it in with spectrum noir coloured metallic pencil crayons. I finally outlined the fairy with a slightly thicker and darker black ink pen. Drawn in a Windsor and Newton heavy weight case bound sketchbook. A5 size.




Finished fairy in the garden..

I finished the wire fairy about three am, fighting to get the wings attached and in the right place. I gave her a long ponytail that looks like it’s blowing in a gale.

This afternoon she was attached to our laurel bush outside. She is hung on a nail, not very graceful but it works. I tried drawing her. All those curls of wire are difficult to draw. I didn’t want to be too precise. I think the drawing is quite spooky.

Pensive Elf


Digital sketch. What is she thinking? Who has she left behind. She had thought about staying in the world of men but had seen wisdom and realised that it could not work.

It’s funny how things appear in your mind and what you end up doodling. I was playing with an idea of someone looking back over their shoulder after seeing an image on the TV.

Various problems¬† with this but it’s nice enough.