Passed! Phew!

I was so tense when I tried to find my marks for my college course that I was shaking like a leaf! I had tried to stay calm, but I’ve also been trying to do other things too. I’m sure my blood pressure is up!

I finally found I had passed but couldn’t see the marks. Now I’ve found them and it’s OK. But I need to find the feedback to see what I’ve got right and got wrong. This is the worst bit, I hope it’s constructive and that I will be able to improve my scores next time.



I just wrote a post about submitting my college work because I have been up till 4 am the last couple of nights.

I typed it all up, the college work, then had to convert a PowerPoint presentation to PDF. I rang the college IT section and they explained how, and thank you “smallpdf” website for helping me merge documents…

But WordPress blocks is harder than that , There are more blocks than an alphabet. I typed up some names of them on my first post, but that disappeared. I cant do it all again, too tired.

Anyway my college work got in before the deadline, so i might be here a bit more, but the pleasure has gone out of it….

42 year old etchings

From when I did printmaking at college

I was rummaging around the front bedroom where I’m doing my college work and found a sketchbook that I did when was on my foundation art course.

These are etchings, created on metal plates by painting areas with a varnish and then putting the plates in an acid bath to etch away the surface. Then to get more detail you can cover more of the plate with varnish or a wax resist. Acid bath again, rinsing it off before adding more wax or varnish. You can also use something called aquatint which gives you an interesting background. I’m remembering this from over 40 years ago. So I might not have it right. Eventually you ink up the plates and place them onto paper which you then put in a press and squash them together. These are the result.

Almost finished

I’ve almost completed this

I’m so tired. I’ve been working on this all day. I spent ages referencing all my quotes, adding citations, trying to make it flow. I have to get it in by tomorrow so I’m going to do some more later on. But now, well my hands are aching from typing. Correcting mistakes. Trying to get the writing formatted so it fits into the boxes. I’ve still got to add some questions and answers. Help!

Writing my Manifesto


I decided to place some text in my writing while I actually decide what I want to put in my college manifesto, (sometimes you see pieces of Latin put in a document so you can tell how much space your writing will take up) . It has to be about me, to explain what I should be doing to support myself as an artist and illustrator and also how I can support other artists. So I intend to look at things like a Universal income for all. I know some countries are trialling it.

I know some artists who are on very low incomes who have had a slight uprating of their benefits, which has helped slightly, but are still living a hand to mouth existence.

I want to look at what is happening to arts in schools. Perhaps I should be doing workshops with pupils? The lack of spending on equipment, especially in the poorer schools, must be having a detrimental affect on children’s lives.

Finally, I have to think about supporting more community arts groups. I’m determined to support the Arts in a more productive way. Perhaps using my skills as an illustrator. We will see…

My manifesto at the moment


It’s quite simple at the moment. I think college want something a bit more thought out though? Ideas anyone?

I know I left off world peace. Please forgive me. It’s a bit tongue in cheek (humorous) but why not. With everything so grim at the moment.

Anyway back to typing things up. Later x

A corner of my desk


I think I follow the “volcano” method of working! The important bits I need are near, then everything spreads out around that and spills over. My Pc is covered in prints and there is lots more sitting on the printer. I need a stapler. I’ve managed to wrangle one of the things I’m writing into shape, but I have to use Harvard referencing for the more academic stuff. Help. I’m drowning in it.

Portraits from Webinars


I’ve started sketching people when I’m in webinars with them. It’s usually just a quick doodle. Most of the webinars are course work for college and I have my mic and camera off. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to draw people. It gives me a chance to draw new people at a time when I don’t get to see many of them. I’m keeping my hand in doing it.

Illustration books


I ordered three books through a well known delivery system and they have all arrived safely. Now I have to read them. They are about designers, creatives and illustrators. There is a look into unpublished sketchbooks, an introduction to semiotics and another one about illustration. (OK so I forgot what the third one I ordered was and the text is to small to read off this photo). I shall be reading them tomorrow.