Ukraine again

Memory lapses, things happen and the world turns around the sun. But in February it will be the anniversary of the start of the war in Ukraine waged by Russias Vladimir Putin. Not that that was the start of it, first Russia took The Crimea, now the resolution seems to be to take the south east of Ukraine from its sovereign people. The argument seems to be that it used to be Russian and will be again.

The awful thing about it is the vicious tactics that are being employed.. Sending missiles against the power and water grids in the country. The senseless murder and maiming of the civilian population in their apartment blocks, in hospitals and in maternity wards. The leader of this chaos and destruction is one man, Vladimir Putin. He was involved in the terrible war in Syria where he supplied weapons to President Assad. He has a history of pushing boundaries (literally) and was given too much support by the ex president of a western country. He thinks he will get away with it, I hope he stops and gives Ukraine peace and freedom again but I’m not holding my breath.


There’s so much politics going on in the world. But what’s worrying in a lot of these elections is the idea that if a party lose they won’t accept the result. Clearly there are some states and countries where elections have been rigged. This is usually in dictatorial states where the regimes never change and the results come out with votes for the incumbent party getting more than 90% of the vote. Places like Russia, China or North Korea spring to mind.

What is more important than some form of fair elections? Free and fair must be the goal.

But recently accusations of stolen elections have occurred in countries where ballots have been normal and peaceful. If the incumbent official lost they generally accepted the result, but not any more. Like spoilt children they cry out ‘its not fair’ , or ‘he cheated’ its almost like leaders have temper tantrums. Weird conspiracy theories are thrown about and as humans are great at storytelling there is a tendency for some of these accusations to stick even where it has been proved that no corruption occurred. There are even attempts to change the rules to disenfranchise some voters.

So where now? People need to be grown up about it. Stop pretending that vote have been miss cast. Allow the real majority to take the chance to rule, and let’s have some sanity. Lying to the public and causing violence and disruption and distress is clearly wrong.


I like the freedom of playing with pattern and colour. This is my way of chilling, relaxing, meditating. Using a kaleidoscope style of drawing app on my phone. I cannot remember how I did this, it’s a few weeks or months ago since I drew it. Maybe I need to use things like this on teeshirts? Or on bags, but I’m good at prevarication, I need to give myself a kick I think…

Put the phone down.

Interactive, haptic

Hectic, internetted

Encapsulated, held

Bells and whistles

Too connected!

Now my projects done

I’m having fun

But it’s to seductive

All those screens

You and him and me

Chatting and liking

Dose of dopamine

Eyes go funny

Arm aches

Fingers droop

But still I type.

Put the phone down



My style?

A torch shines. It’s light illuminates a running figure. A trail of blood shows its steps.

This was a transformation we had to do in our illustration workshop this afternoon.

How to show up the image? I used post-it notes to show the shape of the surface as the figure is running across the floor. If I hadn’t had just 20 minutes I would have added a chequerboard pattern. As it was it was fun to do.

The inevitable

Sigh, it happened. Our intrepid outdoor cat has led my two indoor cats out into the great big green world of our garden. He is a bit of a cat burglar. Strong claws had forced the cat flap mechanism round so that the flap opened both ways. He must have come in for food overnight then forced it to get out. His Foster brother and sister were both ‘not in the house’ when I got up. That deafening silence that indicates ‘absence of cat’.

All I could do was call and whistle. Five minutes later, outdoor cat and Foster sister came in through the open door. Five minutes after that, Foster brother saunter up. You’ve been out I say, who me? He stares in innocence. I open the cat flap for him. No he wants the door opening. Finally they breakfast…. Now they are sitting tapping the cat flap again! Argh… Inevitable!

3am again


There’s a bright star,

high in the sky.

It’s 3am again,

and I’m driven to wake,

to write

Like an owl I stay awake,

listening to cars,


So few in these days,

often in the past,

there would be footsteps,

or shouting.

Now there is silence,

deep in this city,

only the odd murmur of traffic.

The click and whir of central heating,

the maniacal hum of the fridge,

the oil heater thermostat kicking in.

Freezing night,


too early for the dawn chorus.

The rest of the city sleeps, perhaps….

Unsettled dreams

Of corn fields,

clay fields,

beaches and trees,


escape from imprisonment,

at 3am I shall sleep.



I thought I would post an old picture of one of my necklaces from my Facebook memories. I made the glass cabochon at a glass workshop with someone called Angela Ashton. She has moved away and I would like to find somewhere else to do this. The wire weaving is by my friend, I need to chase her to try and get some pieces back off her, but I’ve been preoccupied and keep forgetting to contact her. I don’t think it’s anything to do with my age, but when you are busy with other responsibilities it’s hard to keep on track.

Sometimes I just wish for freedom to be myself, and sometimes I feel I’m using it as an excuse not to do things.

Maybe I can pull things back together soon. I need to escape my cocoon and be a butterfly.