Mince pie floater?!

Oops! I watched in horror as my mince pie slid from the plate, past the cat, down into my fresh mug of tea! Errr… It floated for a while then started it’s inevitable sinking. Like the Titanic movie at Christmas it was soon glugging (with bubbles) out of sight!

How had it happened? A jogged elbow, a tipped plate, the cats paw? It just happened.

Rescue mission? I took a spoon and tried to fish it out, like a trawler reaching its net down into the murky depths. But the disintegration had started and the tea was dissolving the pastry. I decided I could drink the tea, and then spoon out the pie as I drank. I did. Turns out pie pastry isn’t as nice when dunked as rich tea biscuits. But waste not, want not. But the minced fruit was nice. However I would not recommend it as a tasty treat!

Hotel view

Looking out from the hotel over the Channel she worried about her son. Where was he? Anxiety weighed like a heavy stone on her heart. What if she never saw him again?

The dinghy had not been seen since sunset, when it had been out on the sandbar fishing for mackerel, but no one had called the lifeboat and they were not that overdue. Still, a mother can have a sense about these things. She knew in her bones… Something was wrong.

A shadow fell across her as the sun started to set again. She turned her head to look. She heard his voice…


‘Can you do my washing this weekend?’

Stop bringing me presents!

I don’t want a mouse

Or a frog

Bought in alive

To scurry or croak.

Caught with a fishing net

For goldfish

And put out again.

I don’t want that bee!

Keep it for yourself

Or a wasp

You surreptitiously

Sneak in

For my pleasure

Take that shrew away

At least hedgehogs are spiky

So they won’t be dropped

At my feet

With a smug purr!

There you go!

Here’s my rent!

Silly cat

She’s only little but she lives to run and play. Half an hour ago there was thundering paw noises from upstairs then a loud thud and she ran downstairs like she was being chased. I wondered what had happened. I think she was playing, but she had knocked a glass globe off the windowledge. Nothing was broken, but it had clanged off the radiator and thudded onto the floor. It has now been moved somewhere safer! She’s OK, just as cute as ever.

Cat dragon time

If cats had wings like dragons or bats what strange creatures would they be. Able to leap and fly over tall buildings to get to the kitty food on the other side. Sharp claws to grab rodents and then fly them up to eyries High up on the rooftops. Would they play with TV ariels or sit in satellite dishes?

Would they fight in mid air? Fur flying and showering people below. Maybe they would be entirely feral and not have owners. I’d hate to have to try and catch one to take to the vets for a checkup? And I can imagine them snuggled up, wrapped in their wings when they sleep?