Have you heard of Panto? Or better known as Pantomime?

No? It’s something that goes on here in the UK around Christmas time.

Usually seen in a theatre it consists of brightly coloured sets, with brightly clothed people, messing about, telling an adventurous story while telling awful jokes and singing contemporary songs.

We do this in Penkhull, but for the at two years someone from the group has written the panto/pantomime, rather than buying in a script.

We started rehearsing last week. Lots of people who have done it before, greatful to get a couple of lines and be able to play act again. Most modern pantos seem to have commercial sponsorship, but in our case we just mention local shops. We don’t have advertisements in the panto, unless it’s jokey ones in the programme.

This time we are doing Aladdin. Set to open for four performances (too many for’s?) in February 2020, so the cast can take Christmas off!

Oh yes we can!

The little Goldmine


Saw this in Burslem today. On the main road from Cobridge up to Burslem.

Arthur Berry was an artist based in Stoke-on-Trent where he produced pictures of everyday figures and landscapes with a style of his own. Charcoal and pastels are used to chisel faces out of blackness, strokes of grey and white float on top of murky reds to bring out the dark shapes of buildings.

Arthur was also a writer and poet. We attended several of his plays when they were performed at the Victoria Theatre in Hartshill, Stoke-on-Trent in the 1980’s. We have a copy of a couple of his books. He was a very creative artist.

Ear worm


Dah, da, Dah Dah, da da da Dah, da da

Argh! Being part of a choir is wonderful. Until you learn a really catchy tune. Dah da da Dah… Then it sticks in your head.. Da dda… And won’t go away! Especially when it’s quiet.. Dee Dee Dah…. Apparently older women tend to get auditory hallucinations based on old hymns. Glad I don’t have that problem. But… Dah da… But… I do have an ear worm… Wiggling about in my head …. Dah de da de Dah….

Might not do much today


After a lot of travelling over the last few days I’m having a bit of a rest today.

Been busy driving around North Wales and yesterday on the way back I felt myself almost falling asleep. We decided to take a detour on a road I didn’t know so my brain would keep working and I would have to keep alert. That seemed to help. Got home safely about 7 hours after setting off!

Today I had a lie in, didn’t get up till 11 after listening to the radio. Then my hubby went out and got Staffordshire oatcakes for breakfast. Very tasty.

I won’t go on… But if I think of something more interesting I might blog it.

Boris the 🕸 Spider


For as long as I can remember, if we see a big, hairy, spider in the house, we call it Boris. Nothing to do with politics, its kind of a tradition. I don’t see him very often, but as the nights cool down he tends to scurry across the floor (might be a she?). I think there is a mating season for spiders. The only problem is the cats, they are quite expert at catching spiders (mainly in the bathroom) if Boris was to be spied by one of the cats, we’ll I wouldn’t give him much of a chance of escape. There is something about the look on the cats face, concentration, anticipation, that does not bode well for any spiders in the vicinity.


When I start I can’t stop….


Another start, luckily I don’t need a starter handle to get going. Something switches on in my head and I suddenly can’t stop. It’s weird, my mind must be wired up in a strange way.

Today I have started painting a lion, a car, ivy, a planet, a latch for a gate. All very random, but a challenge to myself. I have a little cartoon at my studio which says I will paint anything, and I think that’s true. I might not be able to get things exactly right but I do try.

I’m thinking about what to write or paint here. I will try and do a few more spooky stories when I’ve finished this lot of art work.

Toot toot, off I go!