Sprouts popping!

A sprout tree, that’s what my hubby bought for Christmas Dinner. I wasn’t sure how to cut the sprouts off this knobbly stick. I don’t have sharp knives so they are hard to cut off. When I tried the springiness in the branch they were on I suddenly had a sprout popping up the air! It flew up and landed on the floor, rolled sideways, and ended up under the fridge freezer. Cue some scrabbling with a spoon to get it back out! It happened again with the next one so I realised I needed to hold the sprout with one hand and cut it off with the other. I didn’t want to use the whole sprout tree today, ten ot twelve sprouts are enough, but the branch was too long. I could not cut it in half so hubby snapped it across his knee after I’d tried to cut through it.

I part cooked them in the microwave and now I’m toasting them with out Christmas chicken (the turkeys for sale were four times more expensive).

Teddy bear

He’s a lone Teddy bear looking for a home. Green jumper with shamrocks on it, sitting forlornly on the chair. What’s he doing here? Don’t worry about him, he’s actually a present to me! I think he will be happy here. He has Ireland on his jumper so he’s come across the sea. He came in a box, shut in a small place, but now he’s released, free to roam about the house. I think he will sit with my other two bears, upstairs in our bedroom. I don’t know if he will have adventures but he can gossip with his fellow bears up there!

dragon for sale

Shall I buy this cute little stone dragon? Not at THAT price! Do you think I’m made of money? What about the coal it would cost to feed it? And its asleep now but what happens when it wakes up, sneezes, and burns my shoes or the bottom of my coat? I mean he’s really CUTE, don’t you just want to go ahhhh or oooo? I know I do. And what about (whispers) toileting? Can you get a dragon litter tray? Plastic would not do, too caustic……would need stainless steel. Then there’s the vets… innoculations, how do they inject through a stone hide? Something to think about.. I mean, are dragons prone to scale beetle, carbon cough, wing itch? Your guess is as good as mine… What do they drink? water- or lamp oil? I think I will go for a Gargoyle instead. Stick it on the roof and it will be happy drinking rain water and watching birds fly by…

dragon stone

A few weeks ago I got a stone painting kit. I used to paint them a lot. I’ve painted little mice, and hedgehogs and other creatures on stones, so I know what I’m doing.

This dragon stone didn’t turn out as well. It’s a bit too blobby, it lacks definition. you can just about work out what it is but I think I have overworked it. It is meant to be a curled up dragon which has fallen asleep on a red cushion. I think it must be a tiny species of dragon, only about four inches long. You can have small lizards so why not small dragons? I think they live in the cracks in stone walls. They eat lichen and set fire to tiny sticks and grasses if they want to get warm. I wonder if I could turn this into a story? Pixies using them as transport, or for flying after honeybees to raid their hives? Imagination is a mad thing….


I try and write a limerick for Esther Chiltons blog on a Monday. Someone puts a prompt word up and people respond.

I usually forget to copy my limerick for myself but I did today. Its a bit clumsy, the lines are quite long, but it does have the structure of a limerick. That is the first two lines have the last word rhyming, the next two lines rhyme with each other and then the final fifth line rhymes with the first two.

Here it is, the prompt word was ‘lark’ which can appear anywhere in the limerick, not necessarily at the end of a line.

I’m very rarely up with the lark
Early attendance I get a black mark
Just goes to show staying up late
Does not myself an early bird make
I get up so late, its already gone dark!

This mornings limerick

I usually write a limerick for Esther Chilton Blog on a Monday. Last night I suddenly had a pain in my back. Why? I do not know but I don’t want it!

I wrote this in response to the word HOPE which is what the days prompt was.

I hope my back will be alright
It started hurting in the night
I took a pill
And hope it will
Be better by the morning light!

I hope it feels better soon. Its one thing after another!