Zoom song…

I’ve got an old song in my head and I can think of words to modernise it..apologies to the original writers…

“we’re all going on a zoom tomorrow, zoom tomorrow, zoom tomorrow, we’re all going on a zoom tomorrow, you can come along too…

We’re going on a Zoom, zoom, zoom,

We’re meeting on a Zoom, zoom zoom,

You can come too, too too. We’re meeting on a zoom…..

We’re all getting loo paper tomorrow, loo paper tomorrow, loo paper tomorrow.

We’re all getting loo paper tomorrow.

You can come shopping too.

Were going to the shop shop shop, yes we’re going to the shop shop shop..

You can come too too too. We’re going to the shop..

We’re all getting the flu tomorrow, flu tomorrow, flu tomorrow, we’re all getting the flu tomorrow,

You can get it too,

We’re getting the flu, flu flu, you can get it too too too, we’re getting the flu flu flu,

You can catch it too, too too.

We’re not getting Covid tomorrow, covid tomorrow, covid tomorrow, we’re not getting covid tomorrow, because we’ve had the jab!

How about you, you you?

You can have a jab too too too..

How about you you you?

Stay safe too too too!

Don’t press, it won’t play!

It’s a screenshot! I have recorded a couple of songs for a virtual pantomime. It’s a group of us singing the beginning and end songs for the performance. I hope it goes together OK. We will then be given small scenes to speak our lines… I’m not sure how it’s going to work, people a lot cleverer than me will sort it out!

Fingers crossed we get some sort of funny performance result. X


A digital drawing from four years ago..

Oh fish where did you go?

Four years missing-

Then you appear again!

I forgot how I drew you

And your fishy friend

But you turned up in memories

That seems to happen in the end…

Now I’ve netted you both

And I’m showing you off

My little piscine friend

And your little cousin, Jeff!

Fun with words

I do a five word challenge every week with a blogger called Esther Chilton (she also does a weekly limerick challenge).

I enjoy it because I can have fun with words. Today’s word was biscuit for the five word challenge.

My first sentence was:

‘Seabiscuit was a winning racehorse.’

What sentences would you come up with? Would they be funny or sad? It could be ‘He choked on a biscuit?’ Do you take the biscuit?

Day 18, #30daysketchbookchallenge

Day 18, reptile. Well I don’t own any, but I remembered having a tortoise when I was little. I have a vague idea of what the shells look like. I added some gold glitter. I have given it some lettuce to eat.

I probably haven’t made it three dimensional enough, but it was starting to look overworked…