Car wip

I decided to paint a rusty old car for my final tiny painting. It’s meant to be a morris minor. It’s small matchbox sized and I hope to add some nice details. But after a lot of messing about for other people today I’m a bit tired so I might have a snooze first. This will hopefully count as fine art but it is a sketch or acrylic drawing at present. X


What are you good at?

Paintings on display yesterday.

If I had to say what I was good at number one would be painting and art. Fourth years ago I went to college to do Fine Art, then I recently completed a course in illustration.

Art makes me happy. I love to paint acrylics on canvas and also watercolours. To me art is manipulating liquids or solids on a flat or shaped surfaces. I am good at using paint, pastels, ink, wax, pencils, felt pens. I also enjoy creating images digitally. I’m lucky to have good hand eye coordination. So I can copy most things, I’m also fairly good at creating abstract images. I am very lucky to have art training. There are lots of skills that I have been privileged to learn.

Whatever I do I will always create art. It is part of my DNA I think!

English doodle

Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was English. I think I went full “merry England” here! It’s definitely not fine art, more of a doodle, with morris dancers (you could have ‘molly’ dancers)… and a hobby horse, and children in the background dancing round the maypole, it’s set in a village with thatched cottages. I guess the main place I can think of that does something like this is Abbots Bromley near Rugeley in Staffordshire. They have the Abbots Bromley Horn Dance. But that’s in September? Sadly I’ve never witnessed it!

11 years ago

About 11 years ago I drew this self portrait. I was with a group of other people who went to a pencil drawing workshop. What strikes me the most about this is how chubby I was, it reminds me how I’ve changed.

The sketch was done using a small makeup mirror and it was impossible to see my whole face at once, but I did my best. In one section of the drawing I almost rubbed through the paper trying to remove some of the graphite. That’s why there is a dark smudge on one of the cheeks.

We were told the drawings would be used for the London Road festival in Stoke. Imagine my surprise when I was driving home one day and this was attached as a 6ft square banner on the front of an empty shop. I now have it at my studio at spode.

I forgot the arm!

How would these stay up?

I’ve made an ‘armless’ sketch of big glasses. I was just trying out some textures in my sketchbook app.

Do you know you can tell if someone is short or long sighted depending on whether their eyes look bigger (long sighted) or smaller (short sighted). That is dependent on the convex or concave nature of the lenses in their glasses.

If you are very short sighted your eyes will look smaller than if you are only mildly affected. It also depends on whether your spectacle lenses are made of glass or plastic.

If you ever watch a TV programme or film with an actor wearing glasses then look at the lenses. If the light catches them you can see if the glass is flat, then you know they don’t really need glasses!