drawing of a profile

drawing with an ink roller

This was one of the portraits I did in a student led portrait group at college during the last few months.

The face was mostly drawn with one of those ink rollers you can use to blank out your address on letters so that you can throw them away without anyone seeing your details and stealing your data. Its quite hard to use because you have to sort of turn and twist your hand and press firmly to sketch curves. AfterId done that I added colour using pastels and the thick black lines were done with black calligraphy pen (most of these have run out so I need some more).

I quite like the strong feel to this. I am trying to find my illustrational voice. I have been told to look for illustrators that my work resembles, but I think mine is different? Is this a good or bad thing? I’m definitley developing my analogue skills. Digital work is more difficult for me.

Another doodle

And now I’ve tried doodling in another app. This is meant to be an Elf? I guess for Christmas. I can draw faces from life and from photos . But from my imagination? I’m out of practice, especially on digital devices. I quite like this, its in the ArtRage app and I like the metallic effect you can get. But again, I’m lacking in knowledge of how it works, I’m not proficient yet.

Does anyone like drawing digitally? Have you got any tips or have I got to go and look at a lot of YouTube videos to learn? I ask because I learn by playing, but then don’t know basic skills like how to use layers in photoshop properly….

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I need to practice real drawing, I do a lot of digital stuff, and quick sketches but I only tend to do portraits of my hubby. I think I need to start drawing at a life drawing class again. I vaguely know where eyes and noses and mouths fit, it’s just when you are not looking at a person it doesn’t look real. I have a reasonable visual memory, I know, but that doesn’t make me accurate. I always think I could do better…..like this profile for instance, is the chin to big, the mouth too small, the brow too sloping? It’s all down to practice.


Copying a painting


I’m try in to do a copy of a painting I did recently because it was up in a little exhibition and someone saw it and wanted a copy. My only problem is that I didn’t have a canvas the right size so I’m reusing one I’d started painting . Hence the marks showing through on the copy. But acrylic paint is opaque and they won’t be visible when I finish.

What I do need to do is make sure the face is accurate. I’ve made a start but the nose is wrong and I haven’t recreated the slight smile. Also I think the chin is wrong.

I don’t measure the distances, I judge by eye. I will be making adjustments to shapes, sizes, colours and tones all the way through doing this.

One thing I do like is the colour contrast in theis pictures.  Blue and orange/ochre always spark off each other.

Right, better carry on…..


Getting better, need to adjust skin tones…






Complexity enchants me, it excites me, it tickles my mind. Complexity is deep within my soul. To illustrate this I have added some digital drawings that I have played with. I started before these with a roughly drawn profile which did not have gender or age. After working on it with a smudge tool I decided to use picsart to change it and blend it into something new. I feel like it is now a profile of a boy.

I used a colour transformation tool in picsart to bring out more vibrant blues and purples. Only when these were set did I go into changing the styles in another part of the app. Eventually I put the drawing through layout which us another app to multiply it up.

Complexity comes through the various iterations, colour, texture and tone being changed each time. I go by feel to decide when to stop, I don’t want to go too far so the picture becomes a bland mush,  but I did try and push it as far as I could.

Life studies

This week’s model at life class.

I did 3 drawings, 2 were 10 minute sketches, then one over 35 minutes and finally an hour painting a small portrait.  I like trying to capture accurate images and I think I was quite successful this week.

One thing I tried was using two colours in the background , turquoise and gold . I think this worked quite well. I used only 5 colours, orange, black, gold, turquoise and white.

The lighting caused good shadows which help to define the shape of her body.

Overall I really enjoy honing my drawing skills.


Today’s Life studies.

It’s Wednesday again, and so have just finished Life class.

Tonight we had a musician called Mark sitting for us. He is an accomplished singer and accordion player, and we had the pleasure of drawing and painting him while he played and sang.

Two hours of hearing music such as the Stoke hornpipe and cajun tunes ensued.

It did make drawing him difficult but that was part of the challenge.  I did a couple of sketches and a close up drawing and a small acrylic on canvas portrait .

Good way of spending an evening.