Seashore mosaic

Photoshop landscape using mosaic photos to break up the image. It’s an interesting effect but is it a bit jarring? The secrion of the sky seems to have too many black bits I’m it. This is years old and I can’t remember when I did it. I have numerous pictures that I created over several years. I am very interested in artistic experiments. X

slow internet

seaside image, blurred with different images

You know the feeling, an egg timer or a circle twirling. The second hand of a clock ticks..too..slowly…

Life nowadays is frenetic. Be There Now! See this Ad! Watch this Vid! Even our phrases are shortened to cram more information in. Life begins to make your head spin. And if you don’t keep up? You get left behind. There is a current advert on the TV (television) with someone attacking and smashing their router because their broadband is too slow. Do you remember Dial Up Modems? Whir whir diddle diddle, a strange tune to listen to as the modem selected the digits of the Internet service provider?At least thats what I imagined it was doing. When if you got ten emails in a day you were overwhelmed. Now? thats nothing. We are superglued to our screens.. (not really).

Before that. Dial up phones with a circular dial that you had to turn to get the numbers dialled. 0 took ages as your finger was placed in the 0 hole and then you pushed the dial round till it reached the bit that actuated the number…hard to explain to you youngsters out there.






You can survive without it!


A self portrait I did aged forty but filtered to obscure it. It’s twenty years old and I can’t remember why I did it. I think I was experimenting with photoshop at the time. It’s me wearing a reuse, recycle, repair tee shirt (which I still have somewhere). My hair was in a short bob and I painted the book covers on the bookcase with the titles of all my favourite books. Maybe I will use a different filter and see how that affects the painting. I seem to do a self portrait every ten years, so a while to go till the next one. X

dragon again

copyright Christine Mallaband-Brown

I’m still working towards my final major project at college. The project is a picture book with patterned pages on one side of the two page spreads and possibly strongly contrasting images like this one on the other side. Im thinking of trying out linocutting as a method of producing them ( could get very messy) or perhaps a photoshop technique I’ve never used before? All part of ideas generation…Probably both to show that I’m trying to widen my skills. I also need to resolve where the text will sit…. I might even get it published. I think time is not dra-gon-ing on! Its going too quick!

Using old photoshop

My photoshop program is over ten years old. I keep using it but it no longer communicates with Adobe so I think it’s on the way out. I have the opportunity to get the new version, but I’m dithering. Is it worth it? Will I understand it? Has anyone got experience of it? Answers on a postcard please…. I guess I will have to bite the bullet because I do like my old version and I would like to keep using some form of it.

Ginger beer

Digital sketch I drew in my old version of photoshop. I really ought to get the new version. The one I use was published in 2002 but I’m very nervous of changing because of the cost and whether I would still understand it. Maybe I should look into it instead of umming and ahhing. I need to find out what advantages it would give me. My old photoshop is glitchy, when I get near the edges of a drawing it suddenly will only draw straight lines at 90° to the sides. It never used to bother me, but as I use it more it bothers me…. Anyway enough moaning….