Favourite photo 2012.


Memories, I don’t know when I painted this but it’s just come up on my FB page as the favourite photo of 2012. It’s a painting of my friend when she ran a market stall surrounded by her objects for sale. It’s based on a photo of her that I had taken. The cardigan and hair really added to the vibrant colours in the painting. I can’t remember what it’s called. 

I loved the scarf with the snake on it, and the puppet which may be Thai or Indian. Sometimes it’s good to paint what you see.


It’s up!


I’m so pleased with my exhibition which opens tomorrow. Darren and Sarah who run the Centre Space couldn’t have been more helpful.

I will post some photos of the paintings tomorrow when they are on show. I was pleased with the way the exhibition looks and the careful way that it was put up. I hope I get a few commissions out of it.

Will people understand my passion for painting green men? Or my love if planets and astronomy? My quirky ideas about earth, air, fire and water and a series of national and international animals and birds?

I hope whatever people like there will be something that will pique their interest. Like a victorian collector of curiosities I enjoy the odd, interesting, and fun.

Mirror plates


Ouch… I’ve just finished putting mirror plates on the back of my paintings. You have to make holes in the back of canvas’s wooden supports and then screw them in place with two screws so they can be attached to gallery walls.

The problem is that the screws I have are small and have Phillips cross headed heads on them. The screws are made of harder metal than the screw driver and consequently the head of the screw driver had worn away. You can’t see this clearly on the photos though.

The the screw driver does not sit properly in the head of the screw, this means that they are really difficult to drive into the back of the canvas. I had to do this on 14 canvases, so 28 mirror plates and 56 screws. The wooden frames on canvases are not uniform, some are made with harder wood than others. In a couple of cases I had to use shorter screws because they would not screw all the way into the wood.

Now I have to list all the paintings so that I can take them down to the gallery on the morning.

Hare minus bells

I went out this morning to go to the Orme Art group. We were supposed to do limited pallette paintings, white, red, yellow ochre and black. I cheated and used some cerulean blue in the background. I want to add harebells, a beautiful bell shaped flower found in the countryside. The image is an amalgum of a photo from a magazine that I’d taken a photo of and a photo off the Internet. I’m not sure if I will finish this or any of the other paintings at the moment. Every time I feel better I do stuff, then I feel ill again. I guess I’m trying too hard. But I wanted some really strong paintings for the exhibition. I hope they look good. Anyway I’m having a rest for half an hour.