Got in!

Just got a phone call. I’ve got my barn owl painting into the Brampton Open exhibition. I’m very pleased. I’ve got to pick the other one up but that’s OK, they were completely different styles so it gave me a bit more of a chance depending on what the selectors wanted. It will be up at the Brampton Museum and art gallery in Newcastle under Lyme from 24th September 2022 for a month.

Magic money tree?

A money plant on our windowledge that has become very contorted. The wizard and black owl in a magic hat below it seem appropriate because they represent magic. There are glass paperweights next to them which I also think look quite magical. I could paint it, not sure, it maybe looks like an illustration from a children’s book….

Night sky

My owl painting has a grey background like moving air. But today someone suggested adding a starry night sky. I decided to digitally change the background and I have to agree. The paints are coming out and I will change it. Its good to have someone else looking at your work. It can change your opinion. I think you have to be open to other ideas. But also you have to stick to your guns if you don’t feel it will better. I hope that makes sense.

Getting up late

I am what they call a night owl. One of those people that stays up too late, can’t sleep and then get up too late. Half the day has gone before I see daylight.

Sometimes I don’t start painting till the afternoon. Then it means that I end up painting under artificial light. That’s OK but it affects he colours that I paint with. The light does make everything look more yellow and you cannot really see blues properly. I will wait till daytime to check the real colour (we live on a planet with blue skies and everything has a blue cast to it, but we don’t see it because our eyesight adjusts to it).

Feeling owlish

An Owl painting I did a couple of years ago. They are intriguing birds. Their ears are set at different heights underneath all their feathers so that they can differentiate which side their prey is on. Their wings are silent as they fight through the air, making it hard for animals to know they are being hunted. Sharp talons for gripping and hooked beaks for tearing into their prey make them a top predator. Beautiful but deadly.

Owl keyring

I was keeping my hand in drawing even though it was Christmas day. Funny what you find to draw. I was doing the cooking so I could have drawn the food, but I was not doing the main meal till later on Christmas day night (If that makes sense).

It meant I could either draw or watch TV. But you can only watch so much TV. If it wasn’t so cold and wet and windy I might have been going out for a walk. But there’s always tomorrow. My hands are always restless and ready to draw, sometimes are better than others but you can’t beat drawing and sketching.

So what to draw? I was given this owl keyring as an extra Christmas present, I might just use it as a decoration though, its got coloured stones glued to a gold coloured body and I think they would soon detach if I carried it around. I have a mobile hanging in a window and I might try and attach it onto that? Next question is should I colour it in? I quite like the simplicity of black and white, so for now thats how its staying. I might work on it in photoshop. Not decided yet. anyway I’m posting this at 5.30am after yet another sleepless night. Aches and pains and whirling thoughts. I know I should not be looking at screens, but its either this or watching TV news…

Feeling owlish

Finger drawn owl

Using the digital drawing app on my phone I just did this. There is no chance of it being celtic as its a finger drawing and my arm shakes too much to draw straight or neatly curved lines.

Still it was fun to use the mirrored curves tool (what is it called?) to create this. I liked adding a bit of p