The great grumpy hound..


‘See Dr Mostyn, these are supposed to be the footprints of the Great Grumpy Hound. It has Haunted these sands for many a year according to legend.’

Mostyn looked at Surlack Haymes in astonishment. ‘You don’t believe that do you Haymes?’ ‘Of course not, I’m no fool,’ replied his companion.

‘These, as you see are fresh marks, no age to them. I deduce a Staffordshire bull terrier has passed this way. The hind prints are slightly smaller than the front ones, indicating a dog with big shoulders and heavier towards its head and chest.’

Mostyn looked in admiration at Haymes.’ And the Grumpy hound? ‘ he asked. ‘Much bigger, said to be more Wolf hound than Bull terrier’.

They strolled along the sands, looking along the coast. Trying to see signs of their quarry. Suddenly a howl rent the air. ‘The game is on’, and ‘follow me’ shouted Haymes, dashing off into the sea mist. Moments later Mostyn found him, dead, his throat slashed open, deep incisor and canine teeth marks making a jagged hole in his neck.

‘I  told you we should have waited for Sherlock Holmes’ , Mostyn muttered under his breath.


Green view


Cold, wet and windy, but still a bit green where the ivy is growing up trees in the garden. Really it needs cutting back. I don’t want it strangling them. There are bird feeders out there, but there seem to be less birds than normal. Perhaps they have enough food, we haven’t seen evidence of them being predated by cats thankfully. I want to get out there and cut back the buddliea bushes. They need pruning.

The pond is OK, it’s hidden below the cherry tree. It has only frozen a couple of times and only thinly this autumn / winter. We hope to have tadpoles in the spring.

Purring cats


Purring puss

He loves his new basket

Curled up warm and snug!

But jealousy arrives with his sister

Who loves it too.

Squabbles ensue, much chasing,

up and down stairs,

behind the curtains…

Scooting backwards and forwards,

In and out the basket,

one after the other.

Till finally,

they both ignore it,

staying in seperate places.

Eyeing up the basket,

at an impasse….

Neither willing to trespass.

Wish I’d bought two.



Giraffes are close to extinction. People are shooting them! How selfish can you be? Elephants, Lions, Snow Leopards, Cheetahs, Rhino’s, White Rhino’s, Tigers and Gorilla’s and Orangutans, and monkeys and marsupials. So many animals that might not exist in a few years. Then there’s all the small mammals, fish, insects, cold blooded snakes and lizards, birds, amphibians. Not to mention Trees, plants and everything else you can think of!

You know who is driving this mass extinction, US! Humans, people, man, woman everyone.

We need to grab back our world and save it, now, before it’s too late and it’s gone….



I went to the Orme Art group this morning and afternoon to paint. It was our Christmas meeting so we stopped early for lunch, but before that I started this painting of a Kingfisher, I have been using some iridescent paints to give some glimmer and shine to the bird and the background.

I came home early because I’m still tired from working on the mural yesterday. I want to add details to it to try and make it a bit more like a Kingfisher. I have tried, when I started someone thought it was a Woodpecker!

Woody the cat


I’m still worried about Woody, the cat that has taken up residence in our garden summerhouse. We’ve now contacted the Cats protection league and they are going to put him on their page for a couple of weeks. As I explained we tried bringing him in but it upset the other cats, plus they won’t let me take them to the vets so they have not been fully inoculated. They don’t go out, and he can’t come in.

Anyway I sent them photos of him and wrote:

Here is a photo of Woody. He’s very friendly and quite big. He’s always mooching round our garden and now the weather’s getting colder he sleeps in a cat tree base in our summerhouse. We think he might have been abandoned. Regards