Indoor and outdoor meet

Cats heat bathing. But this isn’t our indoor cats, it’s one indoor and one outdoor one. The outdoor cat has been in half an hour. He usually stays that long, then I think he gets too hot and goes and yowls by the back door, ready to go back outside. In fact that’s exactly what he’s just done. Walked to the back door and mroowl, that’s it. So I let him back out. His introduction has to be on his terms. My boy indoor cat is sniffing where he was sitting. Luckily he’s on a flea treatment so everything should be fine and as mine are inoculated means they should be safe.

This radiator is mine!


We have a cat tower and one of the trays on it is directly over a radiator. We have two cats but only one of them uses this tray. Slightly squashed she still loves it. The heat from the radiator must almost be cooking her! But she’s comfy, she likes staring out if the window, watching out for our outside cat when he stands by the backdoor.

I wish he could come in and get hot too. We’ve put in a heater in the shed so he can keep warm. That’s a long story…..

Cats are charming but cheeky, this one sticks her claws in me when she wants to wake me up on the morning. She sticks her paw under the cover and prods me with her paws until I wake up!

Cat tree


In winter the cats retreat to their cat tree. It’s angled to be close to theĀ  radiator. The female fits neatly on her tray. But the male is more squashed up. He squeezes on but his leg and tail sometimes flop off the edge. His tray is slightly further away from the radiator, bur they have always kept the same positions, they don’t swap. Sometimes if they get too hot they go off in search of different places. Then comes the battle of the armchairs. The cats know which is my hubby’s and like stealing his seat if he goes out of the room….

If I coukd I would shrink down to cat size and curl up on the top tray above the two cats and relax. They don’t use it so it’s free….